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      Thumbs up [SUPER HOT SHARE] Philip A. Covington The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

      Its Time For You To Tap Into This NEW One Of A Kind Opportunity And Create A Profitable Amazon Business!

      No previous knowledge or experienced required!
      No catches!
      No gimmicks!
      No loopholes!
      The Most Up To Date Course on Amazon FBA Available!
      Unlimited Lifetime Mentoring By Me Personally Not An Assistant!
      No Amazon Guru Empty Promises or Scammy Tactics!
      A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Learn As A Student Of This Course:

      How to find and purchase products that generate thousands in monthly revenue on Amazon FBA
      Exactly the step-by-step path of how I built my high six-figure Amazon FBA business
      My PPC methods that lower your costs and increase sales by thousands
      My proven methods to rank all of your products organically on page one!
      Understand the important technical process to sell on Amazon that many sellers overlook
      How to build a highly successful Amazon business from the ground up
      How to quickly validate your product idea so you can be certain that it will make money
      How to source product samples to validate your product before investing your hard earned money
      How to turn your ideas into a superior products that will crush your competition
      How to create the perfect Amazon listing with powerful SEO and consumer psychology triggers
      How to structure and run your business to avoid any tax or legal headaches!
      How to turn your profitable products into a 6 or 7 figure brand that people find irresistible
      How to diversify your sales channels with a high converting website, and an outstanding social media presence!
      My name is Philip A Covington and I understand where you are coming from because I have been there!
      I understand your desire for something better because I have been broke and frustrated too!
      I understand your struggles!
      I get it. Working a 9-5 job can be a real grind, especially if you dont like who you work for, or dont enjoy the work itself. Maybe you want to be able to stay home with your children, or perhaps youre just tired of working two jobs just to get by.
      If this sounds like you, then earning a solid paycheck working from home might sound like a pipe dream, or perhaps an outright scam. But let me tell you: thousands of people around the world have made a successful business selling items on Amazon though, and with a little training you can join them.
      My name is Philip A. Covington, and I was one of those daily grinders. I helped other people get rich while my own paychecks seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. I was disappointed, frustrated, sick and tired of living that life. I wanted to give myself and my family a better life; I wanted to achieve financial freedom. After a lot of struggles, I finally decided to say goodbye to my job and start my own business. It was hard, it was really tough! There are so many gurus out there, trying to rip you off, and I learned things the hard way. I tried every system out there every magical course that promised me millions and then left me nowhere. But I didnt give up
      Over time I was able to build up a business that paid off my mortgage and personal debt, and more importantly relieve the stress that was killing my health. Now, I am not going to try to entice you with those flashy things. I am not going to show you a (probably rented) Lamborghini, or some supposed mansion that I live in. I am not going to promise you the hollow promises that the Amazon Gurus make. I am not going to promise you $30,000 a month profit on two or three or four products while only spending an hour a week on your business. I am not going to show you the fake student success videos that the Amazon Gurus try to entice you with.
      This course is constantly updated, added to, and improved you have access to the improvements and additions forever at no additional cost!
      There are many different ways to set up a business, which we will discuss the pros and cons of in class. If you decide to go with an LLC, I can show you how to save $149 in the initial filing fees.
      Learn which products will earn you the most
      Lets face it. You will have to sell a lot of chewing gum to make a solid paycheck, if that is your item of choice, and how many people actually buy their gum on Amazon? Not that many. Well talk about which products sell frequently, and for a decent profit.
      Learn my PPC Methods
      Ill show you strategic advertising techniques that will help get customers viewing you, and more importantly, not your competitor.
      You cant win if you dont play!
      As part of my research I poll students regularly to find out how they are doing in their business, both in my own class and in other classes. The most common reason why a student isnt making money? They never started in the first place!
      The only way to make money from your business is to start it.
      Sustainable, steady income!
      No ridiculous promises here. Running a business takes effort. You will not be making $30,000 in a month working only an hour a day (or if you do Id sure like to know how you did it!) You will not be cruising around in a Lamborghini two weeks after joining the course. You can earn a six-figure income with time and effort. I know this, because that is what I make now. It didnt happen overnight for me, nor is it likely to happen overnight for you. This is a business, and it has to be grown from the ground up.
      There are other classes out there offering outrageous claims, promising you instant millions if youll only sign up for their classes. The prices are often outrageous, and the classes outdated and of little value.
      This course is about the real world, not a fairyland where instant gratification appears as soon as you know the secret handshake. You probably already have a general idea of what you need to get started. Youll need a business license of course, probably there will be some paperwork. Youll have to choose some products and then somehow, mysteriously, get them to sell.
      If you dont know what works, you could waste thousands of dollars advertising products without ever seeing a dime returned on your investment.
      Avoid Common Mistakes
      Most businesses fail because of errors that can be easily avoided. Advertising to the wrong crowd! Selling a product no one wants. Having the right product but at the wrong time. We help you figure out the right product, at the right time, for the right people.
      Dont suffer through your day job any longer than you have to!
      Now is a good time to take action. If you touch a hot stove and it burns you, how long are you going to keep your hand on the oven? An unpleasant work environment can often feel just as bad, and the stress can hurt your health even more than a small burn.
      Gain a Mentor for Life
      Once you purchase the course, you will always have access to it. We wont hide from you the most updated information either. As we learn, so will you! I also take on the job of mentor for every one of my students, so if you have a unique question not covered in the course, I will be able to help you.
      Class Curriculum

      Course Promo Video
      The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course (10:44)
      Free Guide: The 10,000 Foot View Of Selling On Amazon!
      Free Video: How To Start Selling On Amazon For Beginners (20:05)
      Important Affiliate Update!
      Introduction To The Course
      Welcome and Introduction (2:46)
      Important Note!
      Decoding Amazon Acronyms for the New Seller (6:42)
      List of Updates and Additions
      Updates and Additions To The Course
      Tools Recommended For This Course
      Recommended Tools
      Amazon Updates and News
      Amazon Fee Changes
      MODULE W1: Setting Up Your Business
      Lecture 1: Structuring Your Business (7:13)
      Lecture 2: Naming Your Business (5:46)
      Lecture 3: Do I Need An LLC? (3:09)
      Lecture 4: Forming An LLC (14:23)
      Lecture 5: International Sellers in the US Market (6:05)
      Lecture 6: International Sellers Setting Up An LLC In The USA
      Lecture 7: Beware Scams That Target Newly Formed LLCs
      Lecture 8: International Sellers: For Amazon Non-Approved Countries
      Lecture 9: Tax Implications for Canadian Citizens Selling In The Amazon US Marketplace
      Supplement: Amazon Accepted Countries
      Supplement: Amazon Currency Converter for Disbursement (ACCD)
      Module W1 Resources
      Module W1 Task Sheet
      Module W1 Quiz
      MODULE W2: Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Insurance
      Lecture 1: Tax Identification Number (4:07)
      Lecture 2: Business Taxes (8:18)
      Lecture 3: The Importance of Bookkeeping (2:50)
      Lecture 4: Product Liability Insurance (5:09)
      Lecture 5: EIN Application Example (11:47)
      Supplement: EIN For Non-US Citizens
      Supplement: State Income Tax Information
      Module W2 Resources
      Module W2 Task Sheet
      MODULE W3: Business Accounts
      Lecture 1: The Business Checking Account (3:57)
      Lecture 2: Doing Business As (DBA) (5:58)
      Lecture 3: Sales Tax Revisited (5:18)
      Lecture 4: The Profit And Loss Statement (2:42)
      Lecture 5: The Balance Sheet (3:56)
      August 2017: Latest Sales Tax News
      Module W3 Resources
      Module W3 Task Sheet
      MODULE W4: Setting Up Business on Amazon
      Lecture 1: Deciding on a Store Name (3:26)
      Supplement: Seven Things To Know Before Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account (14:13)
      Lecture 2: Creating Your Amazon Seller Account (8:53)
      Lecture 3: Amazon Costs and Fees (9:44)
      Lecture 4: Introduction to Seller Central (3:06)
      Lecture 5: Amazon Ungating
      Lecture 6: Amazon Q4 Storage Fees (3:44)
      Lecture 7: Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions Important! (15:34)
      Note: On Amazon Seller Account Fee
      Module W4 Resources
      Module W4 Task Sheet
      Intermission For Motivation
      Bootstrapping For Success A Case Study (8:51)
      MODULE W5: Product Research Phase 1
      Lecture 1: Products: What To Look For and Why the Gurus are Wrong (11:19)
      Lecture 2: Should you Bundle? (5:29)
      Lecture 3: Randalls Method Best Sellers (3:28)
      Lecture 4: Competition and Why It Is Good (4:47)
      Lecture 5: Good Old Common Sense (2:13)
      Lecture 6: Finding Trending Products In Product Research
      Supplement: Best Seller Rank Notes
      Module W5 Resources
      Module W5 Task Sheet
      MODULE W6: Product Research Phase 2
      Lecture 1: Alibaba Product Research (4:22)
      Lecture 2: 1688 Product Research
      Lecture 3: Product Research Compliments of my Competitors
      Lecture 4: Facebook Product Research
      Lecture 5: The CamelCamelCamel Tool Can it Help You?
      Lecture 6: Amazon Services Top Selling ASINs Brand New Research Tool!
      Lecture 7: Unconventional Product Research 2018 (4:32)
      Supplement: Suggested Alibaba Search Filters
      Module W6 Resources
      Module W6 Task Sheet
      MODULE W7: Product Research Phase 3
      Lecture 1: Introduction to Jungle Scout and Warning!
      Lecture 2: How Accurate is Jungle Scout?
      Lecture 3: Introduction to Product Tracker
      Lecture 4: Alternatives to Jungle Scout
      Lecture 5: Deviation from Criteria
      Lecture 6: Using Amzpecty
      Lecture 7: Product Research 2018 (9:49)
      MODULE W8: Sourcing Phase 1
      Lecture 1: Patented Products and How To Check for Patents
      Lecture 2: Product Selection Risk versus Reward
      Lecture 3: China vs Domestic (14:04)
      Lecture 4: Sourcing Products from India
      Lecture 5: Finding A Product Supplier via Alibaba
      Lecture 6: Can I Sell Patented Products?
      MODULE W9: Sourcing Phase 2
      Lecture 1: Deciding on an Order Quantity Back To Risk
      Lecture 2: Getting Quotes
      Lecture 3: Negotiation
      Lecture 4: Getting the Best Deal
      Lecture 5: Ordering Samples
      Module W9 Resources
      MODULE W10: Sourcing Phase 3
      Lecture 1: Logo Design
      Lecture 2: Package Design
      Lecture 3: Product Photography
      Lecture 4: UPC Codes and the Amazon FNSKU
      Lecture 5: Creating Your Initial Product Listing
      Supplement: All About Bar Codes
      Supplement: More About UPC and FNSKUs
      Module W10 Resources
      Module W10 Task Sheet
      MODULE W11: Sourcing Phase 4
      Lecture 1: International Shipping: Air
      Lecture 2: International Shipping: Sea
      Lecture 3: Creating The Shipping Plan
      Lecture 4: Placing the Product Order
      Lecture 5: Quality Assurance
      Lecture 6: Mistakes To Avoid When Importing (12:27)
      Supplement: Sea Shipping Costs Estimates
      Supplement: Sending Your Product To An Amazon Fulfillment Center (4:44)
      Module W11 Resources
      Module W11 Task Sheet
      MODULE W12: Product Listings
      Lecture 1: Creating Product Variations
      Lecture 2: Creating Product Bundles
      Lecture 3: Keywords Keywords Keywords
      Lecture 4: Foreign Language Keywords
      Lecture 5: Amazons New Keyword Limits Update!
      Lecture 6: How To Set The Best Price For Your Product
      Lecture 7: Amazon Guidelines for Product Listing Keywords (5:16)
      Lecture 8: Six Hacks When Listing Your Product On Amazon (9:13)
      Lecture 9: Amazons Product Detail Page Policies (6:00)
      Supplement: The Two Most Important Items In A Product Listing
      Module W12 Resources
      MODULE W13: Getting Sales
      Lecture 1: Optimizing Your Product Title
      Lecture 2: Optimizing Your Product Bullet Points
      Lecture 3: Optimizing Your Product Images
      Lecture 4: Optimizing Your Product Description
      Lecture 5: Optimizing Your Product Back-End Keywords
      Lecture 6: How Important Are Product Reviews?
      Lecture 7: Email Follow Up Should I Follow Up?
      Module W13 Resources
      Module W13 Task Sheet
      MODULE W14: Optimizing Sales
      Lecture 1: Optimizing PPC Amazon Sponsored Products
      Lecture 2: Your First Amazon PPC Campaign!
      Lecture 3: Amazon Promotions Money Off
      Lecture 4: Amazon Promotions Free Shipping
      Lecture 5: Amazon Promotions Buy One Get One
      Lecture 6: Facebook Advertising Phase 1
      Lecture 7: Facebook Advertising Phase 2
      Lecture 8: Facebook Advertising Phase 3
      Lecture 9: Continuous Refinement of Your Product Listings
      Supplement: Amazon Advertising Display Ad Campaigns
      Module W14 Resources
      Module W14 Task Sheet
      Module W15: Dealing With Problems
      Lecture 1: Hijackers and How To Deal With Them
      Lecture 2: Suspension of Your Seller Account
      Lecture 3: Running Out of Inventory
      Lecture 4: Watch Your Coupons
      Lecture 5: Dealing With Poor Product Choices
      Module W15 Resources
      MODULE W16: More Problems and Solutions
      Lecture 1: Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes
      Lecture 2: Competing Even With Amazon
      Lecture 3: Dealing With Negative Or Fake Reviews
      Lecture 4: Dealing With Infringement Claims Fake or Otherwise
      Module W16 Resources
      MODULE W17: Beyond FBA: Shopify or FBM on Amazon
      Lecture 1: Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)
      Lecture 2: Why The Experts Tell You To Stay Away
      Lecture 3: Do I Need Part Time Help?
      Lecture 4: Amazon FBM Listing Strategies
      Lecture 5: Selling Your Amazon Products on Shopify (3:09)
      Module W17 Resources
      MODULE W18: Growing Your Amazon Business Part 1
      Lecture 1: Do I Need External Financing?
      Lecture 2: Hiring Virtual Assistants For Your Business
      Lecture 3: Reinvesting In Your Business
      Lecture 4: Dont Let Your Amazon Business Fail!
      Lecture 5: Key Metrics For Your Amazon Business
      Module W18 Resources
      MODULE W19: Growing Your Amazon Business Part 2
      Lecture 1: Email Marketing For Your Business
      Lecture 2: Growing Your Business To Sell
      Lecture 3: Wholesaling On Amazon
      Lecture 4: Selling On Your Own Website
      Lecture 5: Is Your Amazon Business Q4 Ready?
      Module W19 Resources
      MODULE W20: Growing Your Amazon Business Part 3
      Lecture 1: A Very Profitable Niche?
      Lecture 2: Expanding Your Business Internationally
      Lecture 3: Scaling Your Amazon Business (and Profits!)
      Lecture 4 Selling Your Business?
      Module W20

      Sales Page:

      **Hidden Content: Reply to see the content**
      Payment Methods Paypal & Webmoney & Payeer & Bitcoin

      Live Support: Skype ID:

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