Ari Galper - The Mastery Coaching Complete Program

This is Ari Galpers Mastery Coaching Program which might do wonders to your sales if you learn and use Which if you buy worth 2997$ I have converted the DVD's into shorter files so The complete 2.5 Gb is almost 1.2 Gb.

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here is a little bit summary of the program what you will get:
nlock The Game is a new sales mindset that frees you from unnatural selling scripts. Instead, you'll learn how to begin new conversations with prospects, naturally -- no pitching, no persuading and no pushing. In just 4 short hours, you could be on your way to making cold calls that feel as natural as calling a friend.

Part I: Introduction to the New Cold Calling Mindset
This is the foundation of the Unlock The Game Mindset. It will give you immediate strategies to apply to your cold calling so you get results right away.

1. Online Quick Start Video ($97 Value)
2. The Mindset, Cold Calling, objections, Written Word Audio CD's and Ebooks (8 CDS and 4 Ebooks and Transcripts) ($397 Value)
3. 4-Hour Recorded Cold Calling Coaching Session ($297 Value)
4. Industry-Specific One-On-One Recorded Cold Calling Coaching Sessions ($197 Value)
5. UTG Inner Circle, Seven Months Free Membership ($539 Value - $77per month)
6. How To Solve Your 10 Biggest Selling Challenges (75-page e-book) ($97 Value)

Part II: Advanced Mindset Sales and Cold Calling Training
Advanced Mindset Cold Calling Training is the "next level" of the Unlock The Game Mindset. It gives you comprehensive, video-based training with specially designed learning tools to ensure that you don't slip back into your old cold calling and selling mindset and habits.

7. Six-Hour Advanced Cold Calling Video Training With Ari ($797 Value)
8. Six Audio CDs of the Advanced Cold Calling Video Training Seminar ($497 Value)
9. Word for Word Transcripts of the Advanced Video Training Seminar ($397 Value)
10. Action Cold Calling Quick-Reference Cards ($297 Value)
11. Daily Cold Calling and Sales Mindset Journal
($197 Value)
12. UTG Inner Circle, Seven Months Free Membership ($539 Value - $77 per month)