Domain name and seo

Building an website is easy as make some dishes. Anyone who has some knowledge of computer can bulid an website. Even you don't know computer languages, there are many websites providing website set up service. You just need an domain or even use the provided free sub-domain.Today, I am going to talk about how to choose an domain for your website.

A good domain is a domain that is easy to remember and distinct for other domains.A good domain can tell people what the website is about.For example, if you are going to build an website about SEO, what will be the good domain? Yes,;, etc, those domains are good domains, but you have no chance to get them, they are all registered by other people. What will be your alternatives, of course, there are many variants out there, like,,etc, there are plenty choices. However, those domains are not good. Why, because they have no features, they are good but they can not be yours.You need a domain that is distinct and can be a your domain which can represent you. When people talk about it , it is you on the internet.

Here is another example, If you are going to build an website about electronic cigarette. What will be a good domain?

The key words here is cig, anyone who would like to find website about electronic cigarette will search the key word: cig. So which domain is good. In fact, there are many options you can choose. I will use novocig, this keyword has no search on the web before this website was launched, so it is easy for people to find the website if they come accross the keyword and it is also good for website promoting. If you use bestecig, there are thousands of results on the web, it is not easy for the promoting. The domain is easy to be located if you search novocig, novocig is distinct from other electronic cigarette website as it has no such name before, just like before facebook, there is no facebook on the web or very few.

Now, we can conclude that a good domain have several features below:
1, Easy to remember
2, Represent Your products or service
3, Few or no search result of your domain keyword.