Amazon Store Card Method

SO recently a friend of mine sent me an amazon store card [Please note that it works only on amazon, and you can get both physical or digital versions]

The card had about $3,000 and for those of you who've been on this forum long enough, I know you already know the methods from last year and early this year where you could buy onevanilla cards, vanilla cards, prepaid visa and mastercards, load them up on amazon, and turn them into crypto. [Only downside was that most of these cards disappeared and it's hard to get cards which will give you 30% discounts and they are not cracked or stolen!]

So immediately I implemented the method using this card, and managed to get $2500 in crypto and more for shopping, my next question was, how do I get more, which I got answers to, implemented for a couple of weeks and it's working like gangbusters if you can get a hold of amazon store cards or any of those I shared above for 30-90% discounts on'll have a great Christmas.

So this Method Assumes you already have the card, here's how to properly milk the card.


Step 1a : Buy an aged AMAZON account from the USA. These usually go for between $10-100 depending on where you buy them from and quality and age. (I have a fee vendors I use, but will only refer you if you are a customer)

Step 1b
Buy access to a USA residential proxy, try and use or a similar service.

Step 1c
Add the Store Card by Credit or Debit Card here
Name has to be the same as the Amazon Account Name, Leave Expiration Date as default.

Step 2:
Wait the full time of 24 HRS. This is a key component of actually getting the full balance of the card to work, remember these cards usually have large balances ($1000-20,000).

However, if you don't use the card well, you'll burn it, because these Amazon store cards are sensitive.
It is buyers expense if the card no longer works if method is not followed.

Step 3:
Make sure your first purchase is under $60. If it is more, Amazon will get a alert and probably lock your account. They don't like big purchases out of no where.

Step 4:
Classify all products you are purchasing as a gift.

This is so you will not get billed. They will not bill a gift recipient.(Remember, Amazon Store Cards are basically Amazon giving you credit to purchase stuff!!)

Step 5:
Order products one by one. Wait until the product you order ships, till you order the next one.

Step 6:
Order all products on the same device, using the same IP/Proxy. If Amazon sees different IP's, then they will automatically lock your account and cancel your order. Keep your default account settings.

*Step 7:**
Delivery Address: Use all of your real info including the phone number. Amazon might call you to confirm the order. If you don't answer the call, Amazon will automatically cancel your order. If you miss the call, that is your fault. (If you are outside the USA, get a virtual number on Google or TextNow etc)

Step 8:
Don't constantly check if your order is still there. It is. Amazon logs how many times you check your orders. They will get suspicious if you're constantly checking your orders. You will get email updates anyway.

Step 9: If you decide you are going to be getting a refund, please go to Customer Service and ask for the refund to go to Gift Card Balance.

This will make sure you keep the money if the card gets locked other wise.

You can find customer service here (

Step 10:
Omg yes, the card has limits. Your account will get temp-locked if you go crazy the first time, better to take your time and act normal.

Step 11: If Amazon asks you to finance. SAY NO.

Step 12: Not really required, but get the Free Trial of Amazon Prime so you can get faster shipping and not have to pay for it.


1: Call Amazon saying that you will be ordering the next couple products.

2: Age the card out a bit. 12-24 Hours. (Not needed but recommended).

Extra Security Steps(not required but suggested):
1. Register on <---- use your address as delivery address
2. Connect to a proxy (socks5 is suggested) in the city where your address is.

That's it folks.

A Few Things to NOTE...

Success Rates of these cards is between 70-85%

But since you are getting cards that usually have anywhere from $1,000-20,000, that's the risk you have to take to get free Money.

Bonus tip:
You can turn all the balance of the Amazon Card into Bitcoin, it's what I've been doing and cashing out $2-3k/day now coz my accounts are aged ????

P.S. I'd already posted this in my group, just thought I should share it here as well.