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      Sep 2021

      Default Anik Singal - Copywriting Academy

      Sharing for free

      Anik Singal - Copywriting Academy

      Sales Page

      This is his paid copywriting course. Upgrade from the bootcamp
      this is Really good!

      This is in module order.
      some file names are named wrong so if it skips a number like video 1 2 3 5
      it aint missing its just named wrong lol

      The Copywriting Business



      01. Intro

      02. The Power of The Written Word - The Advice That Led to $100M+ In Sales

      03. The Copywriting Business

      04. The Different Kinds of Copywriting

      05. The CORE 5 Steps to Copywriting

      06. The Keys To Copywriting - LIVE Talk by Anik Singal

      Direct Marketing vs. Interactive Marketing


      00. Intro

      01. How Direct Marketing is Dying (Changing)

      02. Direct Marketing vs. Interactive Marketing

      03. Shotgun vs. Sniper - Copywriting Has Become EASIER

      04. Focusing on The Yes Funnel - The CORE of Interactive Copywriting

      Copywriting Foundation

      01. Intro

      02. The Consumer is Different

      03. The Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing

      04. Become a Story-Teller - FAST

      05. Subconscious vs. Conscious Selling

      Researching Your Market

      01. Intro

      02. Sitting Down To Write

      03. 5 Tools I Use To Spy on a Market

      04. Creating Your Customer Avatar

      05. Sketching Your Funnel - The Power of Working Backwards

      06. Determine Which Style of Copywriting To Use

      07. Developing The Hook of Your Copy

      08.The Structure of an Offer

      Building Action Pages

      01. iNTRO

      02. 5 Things All Action Pages Must Have

      03. Creating Webinar Reg Pages

      04. Boosting Conversions After an Opt-in

      Writing High-Converting Emails

      01. Intro

      02. The New & More Effective Cold-Call!

      03. The True Purpose of an Email

      04. The Data We Track in Emails

      06. The 3 Kinds of Emails & How To Build a True Relationship

      07. How I Actually Write My Emails Conversational

      08. Subject Lines 90% of The Email Battle

      09. How To Write Powerful Autoresponders

      10. 3 Tips to Optimize Emails

      Written Sales Letter

      01. Intro

      02. The New Physical Sales Letter

      03. Most Effective For Products Between $1 and $30

      04. Creating a Scannable Sales Letter

      05. 9 Step WSL Formula

      06.Creating Visual Flow

      07. Writing Headlines & Sub-Headlines

      08. Hybrid Sales Letters

      09. Sales Letter Reviews

      Video Sales Letters

      01. Intro

      02. The New On-Demand Infomercial

      03. How To Study Successful VSLs

      04. Creating & Producing a VSL

      05. Types of Video Sales Letters

      06. The 5 Step Formula Applied to a VSL

      07. - Introducing a VSL

      08. - Story in a VSL

      09. - Transition in a VSL

      10. - 8 Point Pitch Formula for a VSL

      11. Creating a Documentary VSL

      12. Creating a Content-Based VSL


      01. Intro

      01. The New Face to Face Selling

      03.Webinars vs VSLs - The Difference

      04. Step #1 - Introduction

      05. Step #2 - Story

      06. Step #3 - Content

      07. Step #4 - Transition

      08. 12 Point Pitch Formula

      09.15 Tips for Powerful Webinars

      10. Webinar Case Study Inbox Blueprint

      What's Next + Certification

      01. How to Continue Becoming a Master

      02. On-Going Training with Anik Singal

      03. The Interactive Marketing Facebook Group

      04. Certification



      Blog Copywriting

      01. Intro

      02. Define Your Blog

      03. What's Your Purpose

      04. What's Your Content

      05. The Perfect Blog Post

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      Default Re: Anik Singal - Copywriting Academy

      Thank you for sharing these files!

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      Default Re: Anik Singal - Copywriting Academy


      They will go down if noone watches them btw so download ones u think u want to rewatch and stuff
      at least it dont buffer like mega lol so i uploaded them to streamable



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