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      The Black Knights
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      Thumbs up Make a Passive Income with a AI digital marketing BOT! (Proof)

      Lets get started all you have to do is fund your account or use the $50 voucher provided bellow and AI will start using it towards the ads. After they sell some product you can get a day around 10%-35% cashback.

      Once you fund your bot it will take 3-4 days for the bot to be activated and it will start using the funds into advertising the products around the world. A sale of a product that is made you will get around 1-10% cashback depending on the company.

      Each product the bot sells you have to wait between 29-45 days for your cashback to enter your account, this varies because each company has there own terms and conditions regarding returns, so if a customer buys a product a company has a returns policy so if the product gets returned within that timeframe you do not get that cashback, this rarely happens (well for me it has not happened).

      Once you have your cashback in your account you can choose to withdraw it either into Visa/Mastercard or other methods including crypto, the minimum withdrawal is $100.

      I have made my money back + 10.89% profit, I will be adding more money in or might compound it put it back in and next month I will cash out what I put in and leave the rest in there risk free.


      I hope this has helped someone

      Step 1 Click on one of the below Links to begin creating your account. (ref)

      Step 2 Complete the Captcha if it asks.

      Step 3 Fill in your details to create your new account.

      Step 4 Once your account has been created, head over to Click the blue brain (the first icon) and use the account details you just created to login.

      Step 5 Click “My Advertising” from the left hand menu

      Step 6 Watch the short video explaining how the program works. You need to watch the video in order to continue, and it’s very handy!

      Step 7 Click “Top Up” from the left hand menu. If you wish to make use of the $50 Gift Code, use one of the codes below. It’s a one time offer and can’t be claimed after depositing your own funds, but will credit your account $50 to try out the bot before having to deposit your own money after trying it out. Copy/Paste this code to redeem your $50 voucher A197-I948-71YT-UZIG Note: The $50 gift code does have to be paid back, but this will be deducted from the profit that your bot makes from using it, plus giving you some extra profit leftover. Most people’s bots make around $65-$85 return from the $50 gift code.

      Step 8 Top-up using your own funds straight away, use the Top Up screen and follow the instructions given on the page. You can Top-up using Vista/Mastercard or crypto, I personally use crypto it takes 1day for it to show up into your account. feel free to use Https:// (ref)

      Step 9 Once funded, either with the gift code, your own funds or both, wait 1-2 days for your bot status to change from “Off” to “At Work”. This means that your funds are being used to fund the next available ad campaigns, and in turn generate sales.

      Step 10 In 3-4 days your bot will be fully active and selling. You should then see sales come through within the “Sales” section on the left-hand side menu. That’s it! The bot is working for you! Any questions please feel free to ask!
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