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      Cool Ultimate Guide to Create 800$ Australian Google AdWords Threshold Accounts (Updated December 2020)

      Ultimate Guide to Create 800$ Australian Google AdWords Threshold Accounts
      (Updated December 2020)

      In this guide, I will explain the complete method to create Australian Google AdWords Threshold Accounts. You get 800$ threshold spending using this method.

      You need the following things to create Australian AdWords Threshold Accounts.

      1. AWS/Azure RDP (Sydney Region)
      2. Edu mail
      3. VCC

      Note: You get .edu mails and VCC from supplier which I mention below.

      First of all, you need to create AWS/Azure RDP in the Sydney region. Then Login to RDP and install Chrome Browser. Now you need to install 2 Chrome browser extensions.

      1. Webrtc
      2. Canvas Fingerprint

      After adding these two extensions, now you add .edu mail in the chrome and login.
      Now you create a google Ads accounts and click on “Expert Mode”. Now click on “Create account without campaign” and proceed.
      Now, you wait for 2 hours and then add dummy campaign of local Australian website.
      You add search campaign and text ad in dummy campaign and choose location Sydney only. Set the budget to 4$-5$.
      After adding dummy campaign, wait for 72-96 hours and then add payment method as PayPal.
      Now you need to wait for dummy campaign to get impression and Click and spending of 20$+.
      After 20$ of spending in dummy campaign, you can run your real campaign and set the budget to 5$. After campaign approve and get clicks and impression, you can increase your budget like
      5$, 10$, 20$, 50$, 100$, 300$, 600$.

      You get Australian PayPal, VCC and .edu mail from Supplier which I mention below.

      This method works very well with VCC and edu mails which you get from the supplier which I mention below.
      Otherwise, you can try this method with your own supplier but the live ratio will be low.

      Supplier ID:

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      Default Re: Ultimate Guide to Create 800$ Australian Google AdWords Threshold Accounts (Updated December 2020)




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