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      Default [METHOD] How to get money selling leaked courses [AVOID IF YOU'RE SENSIBLE]

      Sup my brothers!

      Today I am gonna share with you all a method that some people are using in Brazil, but I didn't see anyone talking about that here yet.

      So let's go to the money part.

      1 - You need a free domain or just a google sites
      You basically create a random website or page. (It's not for SEO, it's just for put your selling links)
      There you put your posts that will actually be just linked for payments of the courses.

      Each post should be for one guru course. The course? Anyone that you have.

      You will need an account for storage of the courses, this could be a Mega account or just an unlimited google drive account that you can get for free.

      With the site, you can make this shit autopilot by the way.

      2 - Set up an account to receive payments
      You need to create an account to receive your payments, this could be a pic pay account, PayPal, bitcoin wallet, or anything you like.

      Remember this should be created with fake data.

      3 - Spam your links everywhere
      Put your links on marketplaces like Craigslist and shit like that. And wait for people who want to buy the courses from you. Believe me, not everybody knows that they can download for free by searching it on Google.

      4 - Deliver the content
      Yea, you could go with the scammer side or just deliver the ***Marked As Spam******Marked As Spam******Marked As Spam******Marked As Spam***ing content.

      By the way, the price should be low. But you can ask for any price that you want.

      5 - Enjoy your money and don't be caught

      I personally don't do that because I think it's too risky... But the most majority of people use that to raise an amount of money enough to just start their own projects.
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