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      Stranger UnStuckable's Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 2019

      Default CBD Oil. Need an honest opinion...

      I’ve been reading and watching reviews about CBD oil. Most videos and articles has tons of reviews and comments. Each review and comment, almost, has a link for a company. It looks like an advertisement campaign to promote this stuff. On the other had, whoever posts anything against CBD oil or simply stating their own opinion and experience of it not working get attacked or ridiculed or told “ oh, you are not taking this brand or that”.

      One guy even posted a video of himself using it for the first time and he was depressed because he lost a child. After an hour he was joking and up and ready to go out and get to business. I was like you gotta be kidding me.

      Has anyone tried CBD oil? How did you find to be? Is it really working???

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      Stranger Kyle2019's Avatar
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      Dec 2019
      Charlotte, USA

      Default Re: CBD Oil. Need an honest opinion...

      Hi Hopeful. Like your screen name. I tried CBD oil for chronic pain. I even doubled the dose recommended. No affect on the pain what so ever and it gave me a nasty head buzz. I don't know what it does for depression.

      Full spectrum cannabis oil is said to be able to shrink cancer tumors. But the science hasn't been done and it's impossible to find out the dosage and rate. It's like an experiment with your cancer to try the stuff and then if it doesn't work, it's too late to go the surgical route.

      It's definitely useful with kids/adults who have seizures.

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      Stranger SharpMind11's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 2019

      Default Re: CBD Oil. Need an honest opinion...

      I have discovered a new type of vape actually a few days ago. It is not something new, but I didn't hear about it before. I am speaking about Juul, the thing I liked in it is that I can put CBD pods inside which I use for treating anxiety, so taking medicine becomes very satisfactory. I take them here It is really comfortable to vape the medicine than to take drops or pills.

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      Stranger RuskinF's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 2020

      Default Re: CBD Oil. Need an honest opinion...

      Thanks for the post. It really helps.



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