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      Registered Users ravikumarclub2017's Avatar
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      Oct 2019

      Default 600 billion dollar homezon system

      homezon system course and software

      this course is available for group buy

      ​Claim Your Share of This $600 BILLION Industry With This Profitable First-To-Market Opportunity… Guided Step By Step By A $35,000,000 Leader In The Field…
      Plus We’ll Give You Everything You Need To Get Started AND Succeed Today…(And There’s No Other Costs Needed...Just Profits To Make!)

      Complete HomeZon System and Software To Unlock And Profit From This $600Bn Opportunity With Guidance Provided By a $35M/year Home Service winner with an insane Amazon HomeServices hack that's getting 200 professionals non-stop jobsthat’s making him a fortune in regular recurring income and the exact step by step system to replicate this success.

      HomeZon Is Going To Walk You Step By Step Through:

      Quickly And Easily Getting Hungry And Desperate
      New Home Service Providers On Amazon
      And YOU Get An Instant Payment In Return By:
      Getting them to breeze through the approval process of setting up their account
      Getting them the online reputation they need to jump on - (which we can easily solve!)

      And Once They Are Happily On Amazon
      YOU Get Recurring Payments By:
      Helping them to manage their reputation to continue selling more and more services (which you also take a cut of!)
      Helping them to manage their competition pricing and service offers to ensure they stay competitive.
      All You Need To Do Is Rinse And Repeat. And The Best Bit…
      You Get a Recurring Payday From Every Single Service Every Single One Of Those Service Providers Sells!
      Whilst We’re On The Subject Of Money
      Let’s Talk About How You Are Going To Make It...
      There Are At Least 4 Easy Ways To Bank Big and Often Using HomeZon:

      Instant Cash: You Get Paid For Getting
      Each Home Service Provider On Amazon
      and listing their services.

      Recurring Paydays: You Get Paid For Every Sale They Make On Amazon
      Set and forget. Once they’ve signed up, let
      them run with it and you keep a percentage
      of every service they sell on Amazon.

      (The more home service providers you sign up - the more and more often you get paid!)

      Immediate and Recurring Upsell
      Commissions: You Get Paid By UpSelling
      Your Home Service Providers Services To
      Make Them More Successful...And In
      Turn...You Become More Profitable. This
      one is delightfully WIN WIN. You can:

      Upsell them on reputation management software (which we can provide you with) which will enable them to get better reviews and sell more services on Amazon which in turn makes you more recurring profits too! WIN WIN.
      And a little extra bonus $$$ for those Home Service Providers you target that don’t yet qualify for Amazon Home Services…
      You can pocket quick $$$ by selling those service providers your reputation management service, which in turn gets them in and turns out tons of extra $$$ of you.

      A first-to-market opportunity -With little competition…And MASSIVE recurring profit potential.
      In a moment, I’m going to reveal exactly how you can jump on board this opportunity so you can start claiming your share before your competitors. But first, I’m going to introduce you to the man who can show you how and is going to help you every step of the way...

      Tommy Mello is a $35M a year breadwinner Who’s discovered a strategy that’s enabling him to cash in on this lucrative $600BN industry in a way that’s never been done before, by grabbing a piece of every sale generated without even having to lift a finger. That means recurring profits that grow and grow.

      And because he’s the first to tap it / uncover it there’s almost zero competition. So now’s not only the perfect time to discover it yourself… It’s also the most profitable time to get started..
      And you’re in the perfect position -
      Because right here, Tommy is willing to lend your ear and share his $35M secrets directly with you and give you the opportunity you need with all the guidance and the tools you need to make it work.
      At the perfect time - where there’s PLENTY of room in the market Whilst this opportunity is flourishing. And there’s a slot open for you.

      Let’s Find Out More About How Easy and Profitable It’s Going To Be...

      The US Home Services sector is worth $600BN.

      However, for a huge $600BN sector there isn’t really a company that managed to crack and create a mammoth business.
      Until Now.

      $160.5 billion giant Amazon has not only entered the market…

      It’s remaking it!

      Amazon is transforming a multi-billion offline market into an online market -

      Opening a huge opportunity for savvy marketers like us to profit big from the first true integration between eCom and digital local marketing.
      Introducing amazon home service
      (And Why This Is Such a Sound Opportunity...)

      Back in 2015, Amazon Tried, Tested and CRACKED the Home Services market...

      People buy a lot of things on Amazon that require installation, assembly or maintenance.

      Think of all the items you’ve bought over the years from Amazon…

      Shower heads that need attaching, furniture that needs assembling, TVs that need mounting, computers that need setting up, benches that need building and even sinks that need plumbing. (Yes, Amazon now has everything,including the kitchen sink!)

      Amazon made a smart move.

      Bundling purchases of items like those above with the installation, building or assembly that you needed to do to get you going with your new item fast and with zero effort.

      So Amazon went ahead and expanded the service offer meaning people can now just order home services directly from Amazon.
      And with Amazon’s name, clout and global reach…
      It’s growing day by day…

      Today Amazon Home Services are offered across ALL states, with more than 1200 different “service-products” offered and Amazon putting it’s full weight behind it.
      And it’s not just the States where there is a proven need. Britons prefer hiring professionals to tackle home tasks too…

      New research has revealed that 61% of UK adults prefer to use a professional for help with DIY and home installations...

      Amazon is cleaning up and leading the way for Home Services
      across the US and the UK for some very obvious reasons…
      Consumers trust Amazon and prefer to invest their money for home services where they are protected by a
      Price guarantee
      Satisfaction guarantee
      With pre-screened providers
      All fully insured
      Able to book whenever you want it
      And you quickly and easily pay via Amazon, so it’s super convenient.
      There’s no doubt that people want, need and value this service. Putting it bluntly,
      Amazon is onto a profit-spinning winner with Home Services -
      And when you get started today with HomeZon
      You will be too.

      What Exactly You Are Going To Unlock...
      You are going to get full, unrestricted access to this easy to follow system.

      Guided step-by-step by $35M success Tommy Mello Taking you through the exact same blueprint he uses to massively grow his income every single day using Amazon Home Services And empowering you to emulate EXACTLY what Tommy’s doing to make these profits.

      Broken down in a way that’s easy to action and quick to get results.

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      Default Re: 600 billion dollar homezon system


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      The Black Knights ijelite's Avatar
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      Jul 2019

      Default Re: 600 billion dollar homezon system

      this is an old course. you may try Ben Cummings course which is far better

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      The Black Knights noelnaveed's Avatar
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      Aug 2018
      Karachi, Pakistan

      Default Re: 600 billion dollar homezon system

      yes bump it..

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      Jan 2020

      Default Re: 600 billion dollar homezon system


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      Mar 2019

      Default Re: 600 billion dollar homezon system

      thanks for sharing this course...



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