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      The Black Knights
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      Dec 2018

      Default How Can I increase My Credit Score ?

      Hi Edollarearn,

      How can I increase My Credit Score ?

      Trying to get credit card but for the first time, and so I don't have a credit score.
      A bank has rejected me 3 times.
      I opened a bank account in another bank and in this bank he told me that "if I apply for credit card will not be accepted".

      They told me as a reason
      Your credit score is too low

      What should I do increase my credit score?
      Do you know any course, website, etc (any resource) to learn this?

      Thanks For Reading
      I am waiting for your answers

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      The Black Knights
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      Dec 2016
      United States

      Default Re: How Can I increase My Credit Score ?

      I'm assuming you have new credit?

      Get a secured credit card (or 2) where you put your own money in it. Use it for a few months and pay it off quickly each month. Then after 4-6 months try Discover Card. If you get approved then try Barclay's and/or Capital One.

      Check out (good credit articles) and (free credit score)



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