Hello everyone,

I am sick and tired of selling cheap shit on shopify and amazon. Affiliate marketing requires so much time because it also needs a reputation to be build! I have been trying to make (serious) money online since February of this year! I can't seem to do it! I see that on buysellmethods they have a variety of ebooks which is promised to make serious money much faster than expected, with full time support and updates. I am looking for serious partners to chip in on buying ebooks from buysellmethods so for example a 50$ method would cost 5 people 10$ each which is much easier for me being that I am not working and all. We can have full time support from the creators of the methods until we reach our financial goals and all:

Step 1: This is a Group Buy thread to buy the first method ebook.
Step 2: Anybody who wants to chip in in buying an ebook can contact me via this forum or write something on this thread.
Step 3: I will keep this thread open until 10.07.2018. The more people chip in, the cheaper everybody gets the ebook.
Step 4: Votes on which E-book should we buy can be submitted to this thread.
Step 5: On the 11th of this month, I will buy an ebook (with full support).
Step 6: I will deliver the ebook to the people who chipped in in buying it.
Step 7: Any need for support or update regarding the method can be directed and updated through me after asking the author, and I will deliver the answer to anybody who needs that support.

First ebook suggestion:

My 1st vote:
Profit Federation: Link https://goo.gl/yXmhg4 Price: $55

My 2d vote:
Xpress 2 Cash: Link https://goo.gl/ueoGdQ Price: $55

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