Hi guys, how are things going on?

I'm relatively new to the forum, and I'd like to ask a question that I don't find easily on Google. I find this one of the most important aspects in a business: Payment Methods between buyers and sellers.

We all know of Paypal, Credit Cards (transfers), Skrill, etc ... But what are the most reliable Payment Methods for buyers and sellers? In the case of Paypal, they can freeze your account thinking that you are doing some crime. You can also have problems with indecisive clients with the "dispute" option, and a whole series of problems that usually coincide with other payment methods.

With this post I would like to read opinions about the best payment methods for a business. I will put the some cases that come to mind.

- A business that sells little, but that little means a lot. For example: selling cars.

- A business that sells a lot, but it means little. For example: selling shoes.

- A business that sells individually (direct marketing). For example, selling a service .---> This can be combined with the two above (the most problematic)

So, its all about : Amount of Money , Amount of Clients(times you get paid) and also the Private Payment.

All this in addition to generating problems between buyers and sellers. You can also create problems with the bank. In which you have to justify X income. Does any know e where to learn all these Payment Managements?

Thanks for reading my post!
Also have a good day!