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    Thread: Links purchase

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      Oct 2017

      Default Links purchase

      What is the best place to buy links from ? I am looking for PR 8 or 9 links which are "no index"
      I have been searching everywhere, couldnt find any
      I dont mind profile links
      Any help would be appreciated !

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      Mar 2017

      Default Re: Links purchase

      -> I cannot believe people still think about buying backlinks in 2017.If the main reason is not enough for you, which is that this is against Google’s terms of service, you should know that it can lead to SEVERE penalties on your domain.If this is not a convincing reason for you let’s see some real life examples from not that long ago. I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but Google had actually taken measures against itself back in the day. The biggest search engine also banned Google Japan when that division was found to be buying links. For 11 months.That’s longer than J.C. Penney was penalized (three months) in 2011. But J.C. Penney suffered another penalty after having its paid link purchase splashed across a giant New York Times article. So did several large online florists. And Overstock got hammered via a Wall Street Journal article.The debate over whether Google should act so aggressively against those who buy and sell links has gone on for years.
      The bottom line is that to rank on Google, you have to follow Google’s rules — and the rules say no buying or selling links in a way that passes on search engine ranking credit.
      If you choose to ignore Google’s rules, be prepared for little mercy if caught.And don’t believe programs that tell you their paid links are undetectable. hey’re not, especially when so many of the cold-call ones are run by idiots.

      Hope this helps!

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      Default Re: Links purchase

      I think buying links is not potential, I never used it.



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