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      The Black Knights
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      Apr 2014
      NY, USA

      Default Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step

      For last few months I have been making around $300 - $500 per day with Bitcoin investment and if you would like to join my journey and be independent and successful just like me then please join me as a team and I will help you get to the next level of your life.

      I will teach you all the various opportunities that is out there to make a 6 figure income starting from today!

      We have been studying and mastering various opportunities for over couple of years and out of which we have tested and found 5 different opportunities that we are currently using to make more than couple of thousands a month.

      Please remember this is not in any way get rich scheme and MLM or HYIP this is pure investment.

      The best investment with Bitcoin is currently Bitconnect!

      Enough Talking let's get down to business…

      Here is my Income proof, I can show you live too if you join my team...

      Checklist to get started:

      1)Email Address
      2) Investment of minimum $100 and maximum upto 100,000, best option to get daily profit is when you lend $1010 as you get daily variable interest and additional +0.10% interest.
      3) Time period of lending from 120 days to 299 days after which you get your investment back.
      4)You get daily returns in USD that you can either reinvest or withdraw it.


      Step by step how to get started:

      Step 1: Sign up here… Bitconnect Referral Link..Bitconnect (Referral Link - eBitcoinWorld),if you sign through me and invest we work together as team and I will help you in every step.

      Special one on one Skype or phone call. Other Investment strategies to earn more from your investment. As this is just tip of the iceberg, once you join the team will share you rest of the opportunities.

      Most import I will share you my referral bonus based on your investment.

      Investment Amount Cash back (Bitconnect Coin)
      $100-$1000 3.5% ( $3.50 - $35)
      $1010 - $10,000 4% ($40.40 - $400)
      $10,010 - 100,000 5% ($500.50 - $5000)

      Note: Please make sure you see eBitcoinWorld as your sponsor and you have lended minimum of $100 or more to claim the cash back!

      Lastly, whatever I earn through referral bonus will use some money for giveaway, supporting the community and a small portion to charity to underprivileged kids with food, shelter and education.

      Step 2: Buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Deposit or Buy Bitconnect Coin (BCC) and deposit into your Bitconnect Account:

      Note: BCC - Bitconnect Coin - Don’t confuse with Bitcoin Cash as some exchanges still use BCC as abbreviation for Bitcoin Cash.

      Where to buy bitcoin from?

      If you are in US:
      When you buy through this link or sell $100 of digital currency or more, we both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

      Coinbase Referral Link: Coinbase

      Or buy using Coinmama Referral Link: Coinmama

      If you are outside US then you can buy it from Localbitcoins LocalBitcoins

      Or through your local exchange in your country.

      If you would like to exchange coins you can use Changelly Referral Link: Changelly

      Step3: You will need to transfer or deposit the bitcoin (BTC) or if you have purchased bitconnect Coin (BCC) as given below in your Bitconnect account that you registered in step 1

      Click the Deposit Bitcoin(BTC) button

      You will see a BTC address similar to one given below and QR code so you can either copy paste the BTC address or scan the QR code using your smartphone.

      Note: Please make sure there is no space and best is to copy paste and confirm the address before hitting the transfer button.

      Transfer the Bitcoin (BTC) from either Coinbase wallet or if you have purchased from Coinmama or Localbitcoins please transfer it from your wallet to the address that is given when you hit the deposit button and not the address shown above.

      It will take some time for the coins to appear in your account so have some patience. Once you see the coin in your wallet it will appear in Bitcoin Wallet if you have transferred or deposited Bitcoin (BTC) or it will appear in Bitconnect Wallet if you transferred Bitconnect Coins (BCC).

      Step4: If you have deposited Bitcoin (BTC) then you will need to convert Bitcoin(BTC) to Bitconnect Coin (BCC) in order to start lending.

      Click the Exchange button and buy Bitconnect Coin (BCC) you can buy at current market price or put a bid and wait for your bid to complete.

      Please remember to check the red marked arrow key, make sure you check the current Bitconnect Coin pricing, Quantity based on how much you would like to lend, Price at what you are buying and how many Bitcoins (BTC) you need to complete the order.

      Step5: Now that you have Bitconnect coin (BCC) in your wallet you can Lend BitConnect by clicking the Lend Bitconnect Button Coin in the amount of $100 or $1010 or $10010.

      Please go through the Lending guide if you have any questions.

      Please make sure you have enough balance in your account and agree to terms and condition and click the Pay from Bitconnect Wallet and voila you are ready to start earning interest daily.

      Step6: Now that you have invested please send PM or Skype ( and send me your username, date and time and amount invested to get your cash back! You will get your cash back within 24 hours in the form of Bitcoin Cash, which you can either reinvest or you can convert it to Bitcoin.

      Step7: Every day login to your account (optional) and see your interest amount deposited in your lending wallet as shown below and Enjoy!

      At this time you can either Transfer and get Bitconnect Coins (BCC) and convert Bitconnect Coins to Bitcoin and withdraw it.

      Or your can hit the reinvest button and take advantage of compound interest, will share you a spreadsheet and other tools once you join...

      If you want to withdraw it all you do is convert your Bitconnect coins (BCC) to Bitcoins (BTC) and then use it wherever bitcoins are accepted or you can transfer the bitcoins to a debit card / prepaid card from one of the following offers given below:

      Get a 25% discount on their preferred Cryptopay debit card referral link: Cryptopay

      Enjoy 25% off first plastic card. This discount is exclusively available under through Wirex referral link: Wirex

      Payza Prepaid Card referral link: Payza

      If you invest more than $10010 you can get 30 minutes consultation call on Skype and I will setup your account all DFY.

      Why work with me and join my team?

      I will help you with investment and marketing strategies as I have already done extensive research and been an investor with more than 15+ years of experience with 25+ years of IT experience.

      Why I am doing this?

      I want to help you become independent and make $300-$10000 per month with investing if you follow my advance strategic plan.

      Secondly, I would like to give back to the community by training, teaching and providing tools and services.

      Lastly, I want to help those underprivileged kids around the world by giving them a portion of what I earn by means of charity so they can get food, shelter, clothes and Education.

      If you like my thread, please like it and share it with your family and friends and would appreciate you buy through my affiliate link that way it will help me with my Goal of giveaway (coming soon) and helping the charity.

      Thanks and looking forward to work with you and help you in living your dream life!



      Skype: eBitcoin.World
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      The Black Knights
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      Apr 2014
      NY, USA

      Default Re: Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step

      Is Bitconnect SCAM?
      I too was skeptical like you when I was introduced 6 months back and I saw lots of SCAM video claims, posts but then I did an extensive research and studied the company in and out and their model.
      I even tried if that is even possible for a bot or what they call volatility software to earn that kind of profit and guess what I was able to replicate the same kind of profit using strategies and automation of orders on some of exchanges, which proved to me that the profit that they claim is 100% doable then I thought if I can do this with a small team why Bitconnect won’t be able to do much better than me with a bigger investment and expert team and that answered my question about SCAM.

      Later my research yield to few videos that answered my question and here it is for your reference:

      Another reputable resource that one should base their research is this currently shows Bitconnect coins ranking at 13 place with market cap of $919,280,595 that itself says something about the Bitconnect company and their coin market cap.

      Even when Bitcoins were introduced people had been skeptical in beginning when it was $250 but as of today it is strongly climbing to the moon @ $4250 (as of writing of this post), I had been skeptical with Bitcoins too when it was introduced to me when the price was $250 few years back and I thought it is another SCAM just like Liberty Reserve where I lost $2000+, but I started investing when Bitcoin got real attention around $1500 and since then I have been investing.

      Just imagine if you would invested in 1 bitcoin on last september @ $610 and by now the same bitcoin would have grown to $4200 which is around +598%

      The secret to investing is do your extensive research, knowledge is power but you need to take action and taking the action at the right time is key or you miss the opportunity.
      Here is my today’s Income proof and how much I have earned so far this is not to brag in anyway but to show others who might be on the fence, I was in your shoes once and I fully understand.

      I wish you all a great success!

      Disclaimer: The information is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended as investment advice. Only invest that much that you can afford to lose and even though most of the information are truth we give no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information. You represent that you have been, are, and will be solely responsible for making your own independent appraisal and investigations into the risks of the transaction.

      If you like my post please give max reps and would appreciate your feedback and any questions or challenges that you may have and will try and give my feedback.

      If anyone decide to join through my referral link "ebitcoinworld" please send PM me your name, email address and most important your bitconnect coin deposit address so you can get your referral bonus in your account within 24 hours.

      If you have any questions or concerns please hit me up on PM or Skype me.


      Skype: eBitcoin.World
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      The Black Knights
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      Apr 2014
      NY, USA

      Default Re: Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step

      Here is a proof from one of my team member who joined 10 days back and already earned $854 with just $100 investment.

      Anything for you bro here it is. My most of money came from referral commission and small amount from interest as I just invested $100 as you know which I will get it back 299 days, but I am happy I am getting interest daily.

      Here is my 10 days journey and earnings as requested.



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      The Black Knights
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      Oct 2017

      Default Re: Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step


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      Nov 2017

      Default Re: Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step

      I tried this scheme but I never got to a 500. I only had like 100. Which was enough but then I started losing. I think I better stay at and make somee lees but steady there

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      The Black Knights
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      Nov 2016

      Default Re: Discover how to make more than $500- $1000 per day with Bitconnect..Step by Step

      A casino?? Nice link, Stranger.



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