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      The Black Knights
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      Aug 2017

      Default Startup video courses

      Hi everyone

      Great forum here and I already got so much value from here.

      I'm interested if someone knows any online courses that concentrate on startups, which is how to find investors and VC's,
      how to share equity along cofounder etc.

      Found already a lot of great personal development and online marketing courses here.

      Thank You

      - Rectifier

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      Banned User
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      Nov 2017

      Default Re: Startup video courses

      My friend and I also decided to start. We had a good idea, but there was no money to implement it. We sought investors in forums and in real life. We advertised. But we were able to find the person who put the money in us here . We found a large company that could need our software and we persuaded them to give money to our project. I want to say that they believed in us only when we came to them with a presentation. Look for real options and real people.



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