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      Jul 2017

      Default Best Time to Post for SMO..?

      I would like to know,
      What’s the Best Time to Post for SMO..?

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      Default Re: Best Time to Post for SMO..?

      I think It depends on your targeted location time.

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      Mar 2017

      Default Re: Best Time to Post for SMO..?

      The Best Time to Post On Facebook:
      All Time in Eastern Standard.
      #1-> Saturday-(10:00 pm, #2 8:00pm, #3 7:00 pm)
      #4-> Sat-7 pm. #1-> Worst Time-Tue 4am.
      #5-> Sun-6pm. #2-> Worst Time-Tue 3am.
      #6-> Fri-8pm. #3-> Worst Time-Thur 3am.
      #7-> Thur-7pm.
      #8-> Sun-8pm.
      #9-> Mon-8pm.
      #10-> Sun-12am.
      However, the above is debatable at times as different industries may have different numbers, but the majority of engagement takes place on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
      It is very essential to know and understand your audience and their lifestyle before posting content.



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