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    Thread: Black Hat ASO

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      Jun 2017

      Default Black Hat ASO

      hello Guys
      I was looking all over the forum for any black hat ASO method that is still working.
      I'm an Android developer and want to make maximum profit from apps.
      Any method, please.
      Share you Ideas


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      Nov 2017

      Default Re: Black Hat ASO

      Keyword optimization :
      Keyword optimization is one of the core techniques of ASO. By strategically placing keywords in an app’s title, keyword list (App Store) and description (Google Play), more users get to discover apps relevant to their interest and more apps get discovered. has covered extensively how to optimize keywords for Apple App Store and Google Play. Other strategies can include maxing out possible app’s keywords with localization, or using trending searches for inspiration, as long as they’re relevant to the app (current trending searches can be found on
      Black Hat tactics:
      These are the most common Black Hat tactics around keywords: Keyword stuffing Stuffing in as many keywords as possible. With Apple decreasing the amount of characters in app titles to 50 they are addressing a major point which people exploited. While it is allowed to include keywords in app titles, reasonably,
      keyword stuffing is definitely a Black Hat move that can hurt an app’s reputation and compromise user experience.
      Lifting of brand names and fake apps Using well-known brand names and sometimes even their logos to deceive users into downloading their app instead of the original. Taking into account that, according to Google, more than half of the users are searching for a specific title, this is a widespread Black Hat tactic. Also Apple is resetting the star reviews after each update, so these fake apps simply submit a new version after getting too many negative reviews.



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