.tel is expected to create a hype since its innovative use of the DNS to store information, thus eliminate the need for creating and maintaining websites. In simple word, The .tel allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly on the internet without the need to build, host or manage a website. Simple, fast and accessible from any device, .tel provides a new internet standard for you to take full control over how and where people reach you.

Effectively Route Customers to appropriate Departments and Locations
YourCompany.tel allows you to easily route customers to the department or location of their choice using a quick and intuitive navigation structure based on innovative DNS technology.

Incorporate Premium Numbers for Voting and Betting Services
A business could use their .tel to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as SMS voting for a favorite TV reality show (i.e. American Idol) with one-click functionality. Viewers could use the choices under the .tel to vote for their favorite celebrity.

Drive Traffic to E-commerce Storefronts
A business could use the .tel to offer storefront services and collect micro-payments for downloads, products or services. For example: a celebrity fan club site can provide news, chats, or downloadable mobile content such as MP3s or ringtones, as shown below.

The .tel has a very different purpose. It maps domain names to contact information and keywords stored directly in the DNS, enabling companies to use the DNS as a data store, as shown below.

When you input a .tel domain, Hertz.tel, into your web browser, it queries the DNS. The DNS does not return an IP Address as with other domains. Rather, it returns the contact information and keywords that Hertz chose to store directly in the DNS. You can then click on one of the contact details provided by Hertz (tel, email, skype, etc…) and be immediately connected.