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      The Black Knights
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      Aug 2016

      Default Optimizing WordPress Site

      Does anyone know of any list of resources on how to optimize my wordpress website.

      I'm looking to make it faster, leaner while still building a membership site in the backend. Thanks.

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      Feb 2017

      Default Re: Optimizing WordPress Site

      just google that same phrase , you'll get plenty of websites with info.
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      Default Re: Optimizing WordPress Site

      1. Must Cache your site.
      2. Minify your static files, like JS, CSS, HTML, images.
      3. If you are running a many-images-site, use CDN to deliver your images.
      4. DO NOT USE out-dated plugins, they might ruin your site.
      5. Pick a nearby host server, if you are in Asia, don't use US servers. If you must to, use a CDN service.

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      Default Re: Optimizing WordPress Site

      Basically you can use wordpress plugin like yoast, after that you can set all properties. you can compress css, js & images.



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