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      The Black Knights archtflirt's Avatar
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      Aug 2016

      Default Broken Links or Mirrors

      I've ran across a few downloads that seem so interesting, but they've either had broken links, the material is no longer available (i.e. the storage site removed it due to infringement), or the mirrors are broken.

      This is already one of my favorites forums, having tried quite a few others. I think it would make it even better to hire someone, even if from Fiverr, to go through old material from 2014 and older.

      If something is broken or missing, they should create a list of all programs that need to be replaced according to popularity. For instance, if some programs are no longer available and they truly didn't get that many views or downloads, then they should completely remove them from the site.

      If the programs are interesting and people are downloading them, then keep them and find the newest one if possible. Or update the link.

      Some scrapping should be able to determine some of the broken links and mirrors to make it easier.

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      The Black Knights dennis_ong2016's Avatar
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      Dec 2016

      Default Re: Broken Links or Mirrors

      this is a fantastic idea



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