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      Arrow How To Sell Google Local To Businesses (Marketing Kit)

      How To Sell Google Local To Businesses (Marketing Kit)


      Most people only use the internet to surf for p0rn, look at cute cat pix or get photos of Kim Kardashian's ass. But did you know you can also use the internet to advertise your business too?

      There's this thing called "Google". It's like a magic Genie - ask it any question and it will tell you the answer! (even where to find the best sites for Nigerian double-amputee lesb1an dwarf p0rn!)

      Each and every day, Mr Pizza Takeaway Owner, millions of people ask Google "Where is the best takeaway pizza in the world?"

      Just imagine how many pizzas you'd sell if the Google Genie said "The best takeaway pizza is from Dickie Switch's Pizza Emporium in Brooklyn".

      Yes, Dickie. You'd sell thousands of extra pizzas every day. In fact, you'd probably be a millionaire by the end of the month.

      But this Google Genie is very demanding Dickie, and it will only give you all this extra business if you follow some secret rules. And, as Google Genie experts, that's where we can help you.......

      PS If you want the real sales copy, just visit the sales page (link below). But if you're lazy, this package contains reports, articles, flyers, books, videos, powerpoints and assorted other stuff you can shove your name on and pretend you wrote :-)

      Sales Page:



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      Default Re: How To Sell Google Local To Businesses (Marketing Kit)

      Thanks you so much!



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