Welcome to ThroneScape

ThroneScape Is a new RSPS launched in 2016 and is content packed.
Our Server is PVM ECO And PVP based so if you like making money
without pvp you can.

ThroneScape is a 317 loading higher revision content. Our server aims to provide the content our players want. We achieve this with frequent updates and active staff. We also offer a range of unique content which you will only find on ThroneScape!


- Loyalty Points

- Bank Tabs

- Bounty Hunter

- Ironman Mode

- Ultimate Ironman Mode

- Well of Goodwill

- Automatic Voting Rewards

- Automatic Donations

- Clan Chats

- Full Gambling

- Working Dungeons

- Runespan



- God Wars Dungeon

- Nex

- Corporeal Beast

- Tormented Demons

- Dagannoth Kings

- Slash Bash

- Nomad

- Pheonix

- Bandos Avatar

- Kalphite Queen

- King Black Dragon

- Chaos Elemental

- Frost Dragons

- Glacors



- Warriors Guild

- Pest Control

- Duel Arena

- Barrows

- Fight Cave

- Fight Pits
- Soul Wars


We have an awesome skills system and awesome training areas for each skill with all skills working.

Play Via Webclient or Downloadable client
Downloadable has fullscreen and more features

Now some media =D

Awesome FullScreen HD Textures

Full Featured Edgville as home easy for pkers

Awesome NEX Boss

Bandos Avatar


Graveyard Zombies