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      The Black Knights
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      Jul 2015

      Default my hosting experience

      Hi Gang , i'm new here and i want to share my hosting experience.Ihost with Hostgator for over 4 years but my experience was negative , i got treated like a number , and the support was unfriendly and cold. After i host more than 5 site for some years i un into a trouble because of them and the support was unfriendly and they end up refound me 2 months of hosting but for this period 2 of my site were down most of the time and i lost good money.I have to say that in the beginning it wasn't like that , support was fast ,friendly , usefuland accurate , but after they sold the company to 8(like many other hosting did years ago ) everything went down , support staff could not help and become arrogante and money was the only topic to them. I went to a smaller hosting - ultimate market center - run by a guy call Kavi and i got a personal , warm , friendly and fast support , a 5 star kind of. I now have cpanel for every site , autoresponder ( max 35.000 sub ...!) JV center for affiliate , product download pages, membership center and more all included .My experience with Kavi is exactly what i was looking for ,personal and more like a friend helping me to get success. That,s my real experience .I hear that many people are leaving Hostgator , bluehost and all the other one part of this new huge hosting company.

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      Sep 2014

      Default Re: my hosting experience

      Totally agree. These bigger hosting companies have terrible support services these days!

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      May 2017

      Default Re: my hosting experience

      Yes you are right, there are many big companies that does not have good and nice support. But As I think it is not applicable for all the companies. But you should be careful while choosing a server, Because it should have disaster recovery plans also.



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