You should also check downloaded word/doc files with virustotal before you open it.

I just received this email from named "Domain Copyright Notice", A Word file is linked to download which is full of trojans.
Some Stupid kid out there is trying to be a hacker, He finds emails of domain owners from whois and sends them trojans.

Since my domain is combo of common dictionary words, not a big brand name.
I googled about the sender's domain instead, i came to know that they hide their identity in whois. their site's homepage is just a fake login page.
I just downloaded their doc file they linked in the email, Since I thought there might be something fishy, I didn't open it, and sent it to virus total instead. and BOOM, the Ms Word doc file was full of TROJAN DOWNLOADERS. ready to get in my lapi and hack, steal logins by recording keystrokes and possibly mess up with my sites & domains.
but thanks to Virustotal that saved me from opening it.'s Domian Cease and Desist4.doc: VirusTotal Scan Detection ratio: 10 / 57

so BEWARE friends you might be the next to receive such email.