Affiliate marketers depend upon having their marketing emails opened, read, and acted upon. Unless those three things happen, the affiliate marketer will pretty much be out of the affiliate marketing business.

If you are formatted your email correctly and it is readable in all email programs, then you just need to be certain that you have done everything possible to encourage the recipients to:

Open the email: The subject line is one of the two determining factors of whether an email is in fact opened or sent unopened and unread to the deleted mail file of the recipient. The first factor is who the email is from. Since the recipient opted into your list, it is fair to assume that they want to get email from you. The second factor is the subject line.

Most autoresponders allow 50 character long subject lines. Only the first 25 or less have any real value. You must use those 25 words to entice the recipient into opening the email to see what you have to say.

Personalize the email in the subject line. Your autoreponder will allow you to do this. ‘John, you can save money and get a free gift!’ is much more effective than just, ‘You can save money and get a free gift!’ So first, personalize your subject line.

The word, ‘free’ has been maligned but don’t believe everything you hear. People like free. Everybody likes free....poor people, middle class people and maybe especially rich people.

There are other words that have proven to be effective in subject lines as well. ‘Ease or easy’, magic or magical, are some of them. You must use some mystery and some tease in your subject line, in order to get the recipients to open them.

Read the email: Once the recipient has been convinced to open the marketing email from you, the next trick is to get them to read what you have to say. The problem is that most computer users do not in fact READ anything. They SCAN. So it is up to you to get them to actually slow down and really read what you have to say.

The email must be interesting. If you can start with a story....and I’m not talking about a novel...I’m talking about a two line story, you can get their attention. “Bill thought of himself as a loser until he tried our product.” This is a story.

You must include bullet points in order to make your marketing email easy to read. You don’t ever want to include large blocks of text. Short simple bulleted points that list the advantages that your product can provide will make it easy for the recipients to see the important facts as a glance.

Act on the email: Once you have convinced the recipients to open and read your marketing email, the next step is to get them to actually act on your suggestions you have made, (i.e. buy what you are selling).

The first thing you need to do is to make the link for ordering your product or service easy to see. Remember to never word-wrap links. All email programs don’t deliver email with word wrapped links. All the recipient will see is the word...the link will not be included.

The second thing to do is to either make the offer for a specific limited time (midnight on Thursday, November 30th) and not just say ‘limited time or to limit the offer to a specific number of people (this offer is limited to the first 200 applicants) and not just limited space is available.

Examples of Killer Promo Emails

Example #1: When Selling Your Own Product

Subject: {firstname}, How to Have Your Own Instant Product to Sell...

Hi {firstname},

The popularity of Adsense has been booming especially for the last few years. And the result: more and more people are building sites in hopes of cashing in on fat Adsense checks.

Side effect? Many marketers build what I call “junk sites” and this directly resulted in Google often altering the algorithms and Adsense rules.

In a real essence, the game gets tougher!

That’s why I have finally decided to release a brand new Guide to cashing in on Adsense, revealing my strategies on how to make money from Adsense in spite of the changes because I will show you the time-tested success strategies!

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And you know what? I am also going to offer the Full Master Resell Rights to this “never released before” E-Book!

With the Master Resell Rights to this E-Book, you can:

* Use it for personal use,

* Resell the E-Book and pocket all the sales,

* Use as a bonus to another product you are selling,

* Add into a paid membership site,

* Bundle into a paid package,

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