The beautiful thing about promotional emails is that they are limited only by your own imagination. There are many different kinds of promotional emails and you can most likely think up many that wonít be listed here. These are just a few types of promotional email that you can write and send to your opt-in list members:

  • Promote your own product.

If you have a newsletter or a digital product that is your own, you can send an email to your list promoting your own product.

  • Promote a product for which you are an affiliate marketer.

You are, after all, an affiliate marketer. The more products or services that you can sell to your list, the higher your income will be and the more valuable you become as an affiliate marketer. Many times the percentages that you agreed to when you became an affiliate for a product or service will be increased according to the number of sales that you make.

  • Offer a free gift.

Sometimes you must get something in order to get something. Website traffic is the key to success for affiliate marketers. You can entice your list to visit your website by offering a free gift that can only be downloaded on your site.

  • Promote a webinar or temeseminar.

Webinars and teleseminars are big right now. People happily pay for the privilege of getting to participate in them.

  • Selling membership access to a membership website.

Membership websites that are dedicated to in depth information and the exchange of ideas about a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of the members of your list arenít hard to sell.

  • Send a quiz or survey questions.

Post the answers on your website so that the members of your list will visit.