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    Thread: Redirect issue

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      Post Redirect issue

      I had an issue where a compromised plugin on Wordpress allowed a user to get access to insert a malicious script that is causing an intermittent redirect to an inappropriate site. I've deleted every filesystem folder, and re-uploaded files from a brand new download after going through each one looking for anything malicious, and the files are all clean. There are no .htaccess files that are compromised, the databases don't appear to having anything malicious, etc.

      Is there any other place...

      Redirect issue

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      Default Re: Redirect issue

      There is a WP Plugin called Theme Authenticity Plugin and one for checking plugins. Run that against the site or Wordfence has it built in.

      Personally, I would :

      Go into cPanel
      Delete wp-admin, wp-includes folders
      Delete all files in 'Home' except wp-config.

      Download WordPress, upload and unzip somewhere and copy the new versions to where the old ones were. Now you have a clean WordPress.

      Delete all plugins and upload new versions

      Delete all themes and upload new ones.

      Now you have a clean site (Assuming the database wasn't hacked - unlikely)

      I found it in a few 'free' plugins for WooCommerce in a php file. Took a while to sort.

      A lot of plugins have been hacked this and last year. You MUST update all plugins every few days - the second latest Wordpress was hacked within 24 hours, so an update was issued.

      I use MainWp to update 55 sites daily to prevent this stuff.

      Have a look at my blog on to see the .htaccess rules I have to prevent this.

      Sucuri security forum has huge lists of hacked plugins - Some :

      Reflex gallery
      Ultimate member
      WordPress Download Manager
      Pods Content
      Banner effect
      Wordpress video gallery
      WooCommerce pre v2.3.5
      *NEW* Simple ads manager
      InfinteWP - Admin

      PM if you need help or [email protected]

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      Default Re: Redirect issue

      Temporary Redirect. A 302 or 307 redirect is a way to temporarily send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. ... In most instances, a 301 redirect is the best strategy for implementing redirects on a website.



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