Why are you selling this site?
Last 07 Oct 2014 i was taken that Domian with doing research of keywords & i do some Quality Backlinks for It. Like this WebSites is included all last 4 months Angela High PR Backlinks ,But Now a Days i am SO much Busy with my studies & others works ,for that reason i want to sell this Domain with full site/content
How is it monetized?
Its monetized with PoPAds & Google Adsense ,Honestly--i Got Approx 1.29 to 1.57 USD per months from PoP Ads & 13 to 18 USD from Google Adsense.
Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Yes Its Comes with One Twitter Account & some followers are there .
How much time does this site take to run?
Page load time: 16.61s
Total page size: 680KB
Total number of requests: 76
Actually this things totally depends on Hosting ,Its Currently hosted on NL server .If you run with USA server it will be lighting fast because its PhP script .
What challenges are there with running this site?
Actually there is no Challenge ,rather you have to marketing little bit cos its already have some High PR backlinks & although webSEOchecker is the Online SEO check up site so it has automatic visitors .
How You Transfer this Domain with All File Contents ?
Its Simple ----Domain panel is at crazydomain. com ,So you have to 1st create a account in CrazyDomain & i will transfer this Domain to Your panel _ & after i will give you all backUp with SQL files.
Payment Method & Contact info ?
PaPal & for Contact :-- [email protected]