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      Default Black hat techniques

      Hello friends,

      i am new to seo and i want to know that which are the Black hat techniques ? tell me guys ...

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      Default Re: Black hat techniques

      Black Hat is a term that is often mis-used.
      Once upon a time, it was used for methods that exploited weaknesses in sites and their security. These days, it seems to mostly be used to categorize actions over a much wider realm.

      Generally speaking:
      BlackHat techniques are actions that may be considered "bad" by the general public, in relation to accessing sites, files and information on the internet. This can include a wide variety of techniques, most of which are really not all that difficult or really bad, but may take advantage of un-realized weaknesses the owners of the sites or information don't realize exist.

      WhiteHat is performing actions that are expected by the owners of the sites and content.

      GrayHat is a nebulous place between.

      BlackHat isn't necessarily bad, but trying to make a list of techniques that would be considered BlackHat would probably start an argument on most forums. Many of what some people would be considered black wouldn't be by other folks. Some would even be considered normal. It all depends on who you talk to.

      Best is to watch and learn. Watch what others do, look at the actions needed to access sites and obtain files that are otherwise difficult to obtain, then weigh the actions against your personal moral compass.

      As you learn, your definition is likely to change considerably.



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