Group Buy Organizer Template

(ALL Group Buys Are Required To Use This Template)

Copy and paste this template into your thread and replace the contents
with your group buy information.

The subject of your group buy should follow this naming

[Group Buy] Latest Acme Pigs - Version 5 Developer Software + OTO's + MY Bonus X

################## Begin Template ##################

GroupBuy Post Title:

Latest Acme Pigs - Version 5 Developer Software + OTO's + MY Bonus X

Date Available to all Buyers:

May 12th 2014

Timeframe to complete this GB:

1 week [options: 1|3|5 days / 1|2|3 weeks / 1 month or more]

Total Value of Group Buy:


Total GB Participant Slots Available:


Total $ Needed From Each Participant:

$16 Each including Paypal fee's

This Group Buy is for:

Latest Acme Pigs - Version 5 Developer Software + OTO's + MY Bonus X

This Group Buy consists of:

Acme Pigs Software V5 Developer Software + Video Training Course on Acme Pigs + OneTimeOffer A +
OneTimeOffer B + My Bonus of X

This GroupBuy will be updated with Buyers:

Monthly [options: Never/Weekly/Monthly/On an included version Upgrade/When I Can]

Group Buy Salespage/Infopage:

Group Buy Demo Video, Screenshot, or Item Pictures:

Group Buy Extra Info:

This group buy is for the full, developer version of Acme Pigs, this is the latest Version 5

Group Buy Terms:

This is for 5 buyers only, once 5 buyers have paid and been listed below, this Group Buy will be closed.

Group Buy Time Limit:

Until Slots Are Filled [change accordingly]

Group Buy Refund Policy:

Within 7 days, by request in thread only, with exact reason why you are requesting a refund. [change accordingly]

Group Buy Member Slots That Are Invoiced and Paid:

This must be kept updated in your original post.
1: Group Buy Organizer - paid
2: EDE member1 - paid
3: EDE member2
4: space open
5: space open

GroupBuy Members Delivered to:

1: GroupBuy Organizer - yes
2: Blackhatx - yes

GroupBuy Support Terms:

This GroupBuy has FULL support in the thread for buyers only [include your support options, times when you are available: Full / Part / Skype / ICQ / Facebook / etc.


As you are aware all GroupBuys on EDE are for the benefit of the community, if however you appreciate my time and effort, organizing this GroupBuy, please feel free to donate any amount to me, via the same paypal or payment method that you used when buying into this Group Buy.