Follow these rules or your account can be suspended, group buy closed and you'll be blocked from running future group buys. The group buy forums are not a money making opportunity. Anyone trying to run group buys to create profit at the expense of forum members will be BANNED! Anyone charging back group buy purchases will be BANNED!

Read these rules carefully before using the Group Buy forums.

Group Buy Organizer Rules:

Group Buy Template:

All group buys must use the GB template provided here: http://
The template is designed to keep consistency across all GB threads as well as save you time. It also has all of the below rules integrated into it. Follow the simple instructions above the template and replace the example info with your required details in your GB threads.

Group Buy Participant Breakdown, Cost, Cap And Closing:

ALL Group buys will require an exact total cost and breakdown of participant slots to be listed in the original porst. This means that you will list how many participant slots are needed, the total cost per participant slot and you will list the participants in your original post as they join your group buy. Once the maximum participant slots are filled, you will be required to close your group buy and focus on managing and delivering to your participants. Selling anything on this forum through PM (private Message) or email is forbidden and will result in banning.


Group buys should be run from your thread and not by PM or email. Transparency is key to a successful group buy that benefits all participants.

Refund Policy:

ALL Group buys must clearly state their refund policy (if any) in the description including how refunds will be handled. The refund policy terms are up to the group buy organizer. If slot purchases are final and not refundable, you need to clearly state this up front.


Profiting from group buys is not allowed, however, asking for a donation from participants for the effort is allowed as long as it is separate from the total group buy cost. Any donations will be 100% optional for
participants. Demanding a donation in return for participation is forbidden. Running a well managed group buy and being responsible and helpful will lead to participants willing to donate, but in the end, it is totally up to them.

Late Buy Ins:

Once a group buy cap is reached and all slots are filled, the group buy will be closed. Leaving a group buy open to create a profit is strictly forbidden. Selling late buy ins through PM or email is forbidden and will result in banning.

Participant Replacement Slots:

If any participant drops out of your group buy, you can replace them by marking their slot as such and adding in a replacement slot/s.

No Sales Threads:

Group buys are strictly set up for a group of participants only. This forum is not your personal sales forum. If you want to sell items from your threads, you can run a BSO (Special Offer) in the market place section here:

Group Buy Support and Availability:

If you cannot be available to respond to participants in a timely
manner, do not start a group buy until you can be. Group Buy threads that are left unresponsive will be shut down and you'll be blocked from running group buys. Running a group buy requires a time commitment from you and you need to be responsive and active in your threads and need to respond to messages.

Sharing Group Buy Items:

It is solely up to the group buy organizer to decide if the item will be shared openly with the rest of the community. Participants should respect their organizers decision on sharing. This means leave the mods and admins out of it. This is between group organizers and participants.


Group buy disputes should be discussed in the "Group Buy Disputes And Complaints" sub forum and handled promptly. Mods/Admins do not get involved with group buy disputes UNLESS someone is being scammed. Do not contact a mod/admin for personal issues and arguments. The dispute forum is there for a reason, use it.

Group Buys That Require Updates:

If your group buy requires updates or involves multiple payments over time, you need to state all fees and date expectations up front.

PARTICIPANT RULES and GUIDELINES - Before Participating in a Group Buy:

Be sure you know who you are dealing with - Do your own due diligence and check the organizers status, reputation and any previous group buys to see if there are any issues. You should be cautious of new
forum accounts. Review the "Group Buy Complaints And Disputes" Forum to see if there are any complaints or open issues with a group buy organizer BEFORE you participate in any group buy.

TO CREATE A SUB FORUM TITLED: "Group Buy Complaints And Disputes"

Ask Questions BEFORE Participating:

If you have any questions regarding the cost, delivery or group buy item, you should ask the organizer and/or other participants before joining the group buy.


Resolving problems and complaints should be done directly with the group buy organizer. Group buy disputes should be discussed in the "Group Buy Disputes And Complaints" sub forum only. Mods/Admins do not get involved with group buy disputes UNLESS someone is being scammed. The dispute forum is there for a reason, use it. If after exhausting ALL contact options and the problem still remains, contact a mod/admin with a brief description of the problem you are having. Contact admins as a last resort only.

You should only participate in a dispute thread that is part of a group buy you are involved with. Do not cross post to other dispute threads that have nothing to do with your complains/dispute.

Refunds And Chargebacks:

There's absolutely ZERO reason to file a chargeback on any group buy purchase unless you have clearly been scammed. If you file a chargeback for ANY other reason you will be banned from the forum and black listed. - If a refund is required for non delivery, a canceled group buy or other legitimate reason, you need to work with the group buy organizer FIRST before contacting a mod or using the last resort chargeback rout. Read the "Complaint/Disputes" section and use the dispute forum to resolve the issue.

All group buys have a refund policy. Read the terms and the full description of the group buy before joining. It is YOUR responsibility to investigate and understand the terms of the group buy before you join.

If you chargeback or claim a refund on a GB that clearly has a no refund policy you will be black listed. In other words, pay attention to what you are buying. The forum owner admin and mods do not review group buy items and are not involved in any transactions.


  • Be courteous, polite and responsive to participants and organizers.
  • Help support each other by self policing group buys and watching each others back.
  • Report and contact a mod if you see any abuse of the group buy forum and/or violations of these rules.
  • Do not cross promote group buys or other threads. Keep discussions on topic.
  • Use the ""Group Buy Disputes And Complaints" sub forum to handle any complaints or other issues.

The owner and administrators of this forum and website are not responsible for the contents of group buy threads or any transactions involved by anyone organizing or participating in these forums. You use the GB forum at your own risk. You are responsible for any transactions and due diligence when participating in these forums.