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      Contributor BHM101's Avatar
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      Mar 2014
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      Red face Fastest way to get your website approved for Adsense..

      Hey Guys... and Gals

      I was wondering what everyone else does to get their website approved for Adsense... So far im using alternatives and other networks because it seems Adsense does not like me..

      In the begining they did not approve me because of the site being new or because the site quility just sucked..

      So i then made a new site whit a 3 year old domain.. Made it look really nice and like a legit site.. Whit good content.. Youtube videos, Pictures etc and still they reject me

      What do you guys do that i have not ?
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      Aug 2013

      Default Re: Fastest way to get your website approved for Adsense..

      PM me your site link...i will check out whats going wrong?
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      Sep 2014

      Default Re: Fastest way to get your website approved for Adsense..

      Hi BHM101,

      Try to register & make a new website at Weebly. It's free. Once you get your adsense approved, you can use it at any other website that you own.

      I hope this help.



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