Building an e-mail list is one of the most important things you
can do to help your online business succeed, and this certainly
applies to blogging as well.

You can certainly make money without the e-mail list by simply
having affiliate links on your blog posts or making money with
Google Adsense, banner ads, and other forms of advertisements.

If you don't have a subscriber list, however, you're simply not
making the most of your online business.

When someone visits your website, chances are they're not going
to immediately buy your e-book or make a purchase
through your affiliate link.

People usually have to see your sales offers multiple times
before they make a purchase, and it always helps to build trust
and relationships on the Internet.

With this in mind, an e-mail list can give you an opportunity to
present affiliate recommendations or other offers multiple times
to your subscribers even if they don't make you money the first
day they land on the website.

Not only can an e-mail list give you additional opportunities to
make sales, but it can also keep your subscribers coming back to
your blog time and time again.

You can let your subscribers know when you have published a new
high-quality article on your blog, then your followers will keep
returning to your site to read your interesting and helpful
articles and perhaps end up clicking on an ad that makes you

This strategy can help build a long-term authority site with the
community of devoted followers who simply love to come to your
blog on a regular basis (and perhaps tell their friends and
families about your blog as well so it can continue to grow in

They key is to build relationships by not constantly sending
sales offers, but instead providing plenty of helpful content
along the way.