Gathering and collecting email addresses is not as easy as it sounds. Because of the many scams conducted over the net, many people are reluctant to give away their email addresses or any other personal information. In addition, many people are irritated and annoyed by the many spam mails and messages that flood their inboxes, which makes collecting their email addresses a lot harder.

So how do you get past these challenges and get people to give you their email addresses?

Get Up Close and Personal by Asking

This is probably the easiest way that you can gather email addresses for your list. By personally asking, customers would feel more confident about giving you their email addresses, especially if they have been your customers for quite a while. Even first time customers will feel a bit more trusting because they can see that you have an open establishment, which is a sign of a stable and solid business.

Whenever a customer walks through your door, be warm and friendly. After the customer is done looking around or after he or she bought something, ask them for their email address. Tell them about the different freebies that will be sent to them if they sign up, and oh, be sure to keep a form and a pen nearby.