Looking to sell some GoDaddy Domains

The Best I'D Say is the dual domain on one account

QuickPay.ws is a Domain Proxy & was offered to me as a *rare* option to buy.
Valued at 100$ give or take & is suitable for merchant sites buying selling paying something like but not as elequant as say paypal.com

Comes with manbearpig.co aswell just as something i threw in there.


Other: donateabitco.biz
Meant to end the domain with a .in but something must of slipped


And BitcoinEggHead.com I am willing to sell if someone does just want the domain instead of my offer under websites for sale which is the entire creation of the website, content, domain, wordpress, social media images but if that doesn't go then if anyone wants to offer please do so.

Domain Appraisal: 150=400$