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      Default What are benefits of Email marketing in a business?

      Hello everyone,

      What are benefits of Email marketing in a business?

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      Default Re: What are benefits of Email marketing in a business?

      Benefits of Email Marketing

      The following are some of the benefits of email marketing:

      Its fast Email takes a few minutes to write and seconds to be delivered. Compare
      that to snail mail which can take days to get there. Not only that, mail at the post
      office can take hours, days or even weeks to be sorted through before it is delivered
      to the intended recipient.

      Its cheap You don't need to purchase printing or graphic services, envelopes,
      postage, or have to hire someone to lick stamps for you.

      Its easy Creating and executing an email campaign is easy to do. All you need is
      an email account, a few brain cells and working fingers. And you can do it from
      almost anywhere as long as you have a computer with Internet access.

      Its engaging and interesting (hopefully!) With email, you can use other media;
      graphics, video, music, games, etc. to grab and hold your reader's attention.

      It has global reach potential Theoretically, you can send email to any person any
      where in the world as long as they have an email account. You can even send an
      email to someone on a boat in the middle of the ocean or under the ocean surface in
      the case of a submarine.

      It's easily personalized With email you can send custom messages allowing you
      to connect with your peeps on a more personal level, like a good friend.

      Its not restricted by the time of the day You can send out your messages at any
      time you want to and your readers can respond to your offer any time of the day or in
      the wee hours of the morning; hence, the expression, make money while you sleep!

      Its interactive Email enables your list members to respond and react to your
      message immediately without having to switch to a different medium. A call-to-action
      to a printed piece requires them to pick up the phone or whatever. Not to mention the
      reaction time is delayed. In which case, the chances are better they will lose interest
      in your offer.

      Its easy to track & monitor your marketing With the right tools you can find out
      how many of your readers took you up on your offer. And you can tell who did what
      and when. It's kinds crazy. Not to mention other useful details you can glean for
      future use to help you improve your future marketing campaigns.

      It can be targeted An email list makes it easier for you to reach only those who are
      interested in whatever you have to offer thus saving you from bothering and annoying
      those who do not.

      This Post is (ɔ) copylefted by moi under the conditions listed below.

      Go Ahead. Steal it. Feel Free to share. You can even sell it if you can
      convince somebody to buy it from you. ;-)

      Published under a "Reciprocal License" aka Copyleft, the opposite of
      Copyright. This post is protected by the GNU General Public License often
      called the GNU GPL in which case the following 2 restrictions apply:

      Restriction #1
      To use this copylefted work you agree that you are willing to grant the
      same copyleft privilege to everyone else.

      Restriction #2
      This copyleft license gives everyone the right to change and use this work
      as their own.



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