The buying and selling of items through the Marketplace forums is a benefit strictly intended for the community of the EDE membership. We have established a list of forum rules to be followed in order to post your "classified ads" in our Marketplace. Members who violate these rules may lose access to the Marketplace.

- Update your thread when something gets sold or is no longer available.

- Make the title as descriptive as possible so people know what it is they are looking at.

- You cannot sell/trade something you do not have in your immediate possession.

- Buyers and Sellers assume any and all risks in any transaction.

- Our wish is for this forum to be a safe environment for our members to buy and sell amongst themselves; however, can not and will not be responsible for any transactions gone bad.

- Do not leave fraudulent feedback for another member. By participating on this site, you agree to leave only truthful feedback. This includes leaving false negative ratings for a competitor or leaving false ratings for friends. It is prohibited to exchange feedback for the sole purpose of increasing feedback scores or enhancing reputation.

- Feedback should only be left based on a completed transaction in which payment and/or trade has been successfully received. Feedback should not be left for any inquiries or exchanges where no goods or funds have passed between members.

- No all-capitals thread titles.

- If you think that a forum member has acted dishonestly you can report the detailed facts to the Administrators or the Moderators via private message only.

- Money/Currency Exchanges or Trades is not allowed here.

- Do not Sell Any Illegal Product or Service, Included But Not Limited to Hacking and Warez.

- Do not post multiple/duplicate ads for the same item.

iTrader ratings

- Negative feedback should be reserved for transactions where one party has lost either money or goods, or the delivered product is substantially different than advertised.

- Positive feedback is appropriate for a transaction with good communications between they parties involved and that completes in a timely manner.

- Neutral feedback is for everything else, including transactions which are not completed. Use the comment section to describe why you gave the rating you did. Retaliatory feedback is not tolerated and should be reported to a moderator.


- Commenting on a post in a negative manner, called 'thread-crapping', is not allowed. If you think an item is overpriced or of lesser quality, don't buy it. If you have concerns about the seller PM a Moderator or Admin and we can discuss the matter. Thread-crapping will be deleted, multiple instances of thread-crapping will result in being barred from the Marketplace forums entirely.

Members selling items in the Marketplace forum must use the following template:

Thread title: (Selling)
Item Description :
Price :
Includes :
Payment Options :
Contact Info :
Additional Info:

Members wishing to buy a specific item must use the following template:

Thread title: (Buying)
Item Description :
Price Range:
Payment Method :
Contact Info :
Additional Info:

These guidelines are in place for your protection and are strictly enforced. Threads that do not comply with these rules will be locked/deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Please remember that Buying and Selling items in the Marketplace is at your own risk.