This is my first post in this forum.

We're trying to set up an email marketing server for our opt-in lists.

I have followed all the email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM and have set proper PTR record and have also confirmed from that it passes all the email authentication parameters

However, I am not being able to make our emails land in the inbox at Gmail. All the gmail accounts I send the emails to goes straight into the SPAM

One more question - I know that DKIM is the upgraded version of DomainKeys and our emails are signed with DKIM already, do I still need to configure DomainKeys, are both of these required, and if yes, then how do I do it.

Our cPanel has DKIM instead of domainkeys in the Email Authentication section and is enabled. I also tried adding DomainKeys to the DNS editor but the email headers only show DKIM-Signed

Kindly advise

Thanks a lot