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      Default The Premium Product System -- How To Create Your Own $97 Products In 48 Hours Or Less!

      Dear Friend,
      First, let's clear the air on something. I've never been institutionalized. Never been diagnosed with a mental illness. Never went all Jack Nicholson in The Shining on anyone.
      Clinically, I'm as sane as the guy living next door to me. Not that guy, the one on the other side.
      But, according to public perception, what I do is often labeled as "insane".
      It allegedly started with Albert Einstein.
      Einstein is widely credited with saying...

      For the record, he probably wasn't the one who said it. But that's a debate for another time.
      Regardless of who said it first, it's been said many times since. The idea doesn't take much to figure out. If you do duplicate the activity then you duplicate the result.
      That's correct.
      It's also incorrect.
      I'm not one to argue with one of the sharpest guys to ever walk the planet, but it is possible to do the same thing over and over again to actually produce a different result.
      Let me give you some examples...

      If you click your remote control's "on" and "off" buttons consecutively the television will come "on" and then go "off". If you repeat this hundreds of times, the result is the same. However, at some point the BATTERY in the remote control will be depleted and those same clicks will produce a different result.

      Years ago I was a big Kenny Rogers fan. Yeah, yeah, I know. Now THAT'S insane! Still, I grew up listening to his music and watching his cheesy movies. In one movie, The Coward Of The County, a young man was picked on repeatedly. Mocked. Called "yellow". Pushed around. The result was always the same: he walked away. Til one day he had enough. On that day, he went all Jack Nicholson in The Shining on a bunch of rednecks. Same thing, different result.

      When I was nineteen I could eat donuts, chips, and pizza - and drink soda by the gallon and never gain a pound. At forty, when I do those same things there is a decidedly different result! I began to look like a donut. And not in a Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" kind of way. Today I have to eat twigs and grass from the yard and run 3,000 miles a week to stay thin. The result generated is different.

      Hold on, hold on, hold on just a minute now.
      I know what you're thinking.

      We have a winner. Thanks for playing.
      It's true. While the activity remained the same, a variable made the difference.

      • The battery ran down.
      • Tommy reached his tipping point.
      • My metabolism joined the battery and it ran down too.

      And that's good news for you. Why? Because I'm about to show you the "variable" to produce a different result for you and your business while you complete the same activity.
      You see, this is what's insane...

      For real.
      Think about it for just a few minutes. If you were to create an information product that you are going to sell for $17, what activities would you complete? Care to guess what activities I completed for my latest $97 product?
      Let's compare...

      This is obviously an abbreviated, simple list. I get that. But these are some general things you would do to create your next ebook to sell for $17, right? And they are the same kinds of things that I'm doing.
      How is that possible? A variable. And that variable is...

      My name is Jimmy D. Brown, and I've been making a full-time living selling information for well over a decade. During that time, I've taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to create information products to sell online. Everything ranging from small reports to home study courses to membership sites to coaching programs to eclasses.
      I literally have customers who are into their SECOND DECADE of buying from me. If you take a few minutes to research me on (Search for "Jimmy D. Brown") you'll find that I have a great reputation, and my products are widely heralded as top of the line.
      That's not to be boastful. It's simply to let you know that I've been around for a while and have a solid following. I'm not a fly-by-night kind of guy who is here for a quick buck. Come back tomorrow and this website will still be here. God willing, I'm not going anywhere.
      One thing I'm well known for - in fact, If I had to narrow down "my thing" to one strength, it would be this...

      That's what I do. I share step-by-step. I provide examples. I give extra insights. There are many other people who do what I do for a living. Heck, there are plenty of other people who will teach you the exact same subject matter I'll teach you. I don't have the "exclusive" on anything. I won't pretend like I do as others might.
      What I will tell you is this: I teach things so people understand.
      That's why people keep buying from me. And that's where I believe I can really help YOU.
      Recently I created a "behind closed doors" training presentation. And by "behind closed doors", I mean I stayed in one room by myself until I finished the product. You'll find that I also have a warped sense of humor. Some might say it's "insane". I dunno.
      Recently I created a jam-packed, nothing-but-the-meat, hour long training in which I teach how to create $97 products in 48 hours or less. I've entitled it, "The Premium Product System". Catchy huh?
      That's what it is.
      A system.
      For creating premium products.
      This doesn't have to be complicated.
      During this hour long video presentation, I divided things up into six sections. When you start watching the video, this is what you'll see...

      There is a BIG difference between selling $17 products and $97 products. The activities are largely the same, but there are some things you'll need to do differently if you want to make the jump to this price point. If they aren't done, you're gonna see a lot of refunds and will soon be back to selling $17 products. If you can sell those at that point.

      I'll go ahead and give you a sneak preview of this section right now. The kind of product that I'm going to teach you to create is a "slide presentation video" sometimes known as a "powerpoint video". There are other things that go into it which I will save for paying customers, but the primary thing you'll learn how to create is a video. More on this in a moment...

      In this part of the video, I'll give you a simple breakdown of the two-day creation process. In fact, I'll give you a couple of options to choose from. One should take about 17 hours to complete. The other about 12.5 hours. There is a LOT of cushion in the simple process I'll be showing you to get done WELL BEFORE the 48 hour cutoff time.

      This is probably the shortest section of the training, but arguably the one that leads to the most productivity. It's an "optional" step, but one that I highly recommend. In fact, I created the entire product you are reading about - including this salesletter and webpage setup - in this time frame by using the strategy. 'Nuff said.

      This is where we will camp out for a while. It's the nuts and bolts of the training. In this section, I'll walk you through the process of creating your own video products step-by-step. It actually is a very easy system to reproduce. With the training and resources I'll hand over to you, the end result will be a very polished, very professional, very appealing product. But the process is so simple I almost can't believe it works so well. Yet, it does. Yippee!

      Finally, we'll work through some great strategies for turning your product on its ear. That is to say, we'll identify some things you can do to make your product a very, very strong and appealing offer to your potential customers. This is where a $17 product can really be transformed into a $97 product. It's like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon as a butterfly.

      The running time for this training is one hour, three minutes. (1:03)
      This is very solid training. Very solid. When you start watching it in a few minutes, you'll see that what I teach really does work. You might as well put it to work as well.

      That all sounds just great, right? I mean, who doesn't want to trade in their $17 products for $97 products? If you're gonna go through basically the same steps anyway, why not make FIVE TIMES more money?
      Think about that for just a moment and let it sink in.

      Anyone who wouldn't want to earn over 500% more from the same basic steps is, wait for it ... INSANE!
      Listen, I'm not going to do the "marketing thing" and share a big list of 40 or 50 "bullet points" that oversell every single part of the product.
      Seriously, let's give that a rest.
      SIDEBAR: It actually kind of makes me laugh a little when I think about it. The product might read, "Once I dropped my smartphone in the toilet and I didn't have insurance so they wouldn't replace it." And somewhere on the salesletter there will be a "bullet point" that proclaims, "Learn my shocking discovery that forced me to spend hundreds of extra dollars -- PLUS how a very small purchase can help you avoid my mistake!"

      I'm not gonna play that game. Just not gonna do it. Stop the insanity!
      What I will do is tell you ten things that I feel will be a great benefit to you as you make your way through The Premium Product System. Here we go...

      • 1. What exactly needs to be in your product in order for people to pay $97 for it.
      • 2. A three-step process that you can understand for creating "powerpoint video" products.
      • 3. How to organize your ideas and actually write the content by just answering questions.
      • 4. Lots of examples to make sure you "get it" as you go through the steps.
      • 5. How to create videos with no special skills using only free or low-cost tools.
      • 6. Helpful things that I have personally learned through trial and error for what works best.
      • 7. A list of my own resources for creating polished, professional video presentation products.
      • 8. The #1 thing that almost always gets customers off the fence about buying your product.
      • 9. Effective ways to raise the "real" value of your product and not just the "perceived" value of it.
      • 10. How to create your own $97 video-based product in 48 hours or less.

      That's the bottom line: I'm going to teach you how to create your own $97 products. And I'm going to teach you how to do it in less than 48 hours. That's the whole deal in a nutshell right there.
      Again, I'm not going to "hype" this up. That's another thing I'm known for. I won't make a bunch of crazy promises just to sell you something. Enough people will buy from me because of my integrity and reputation. And then those who do buy usually buy something else.
      You either see the value in this product or you don't.
      One thing I KNOW you see the value in is selling $97 products instead of $17 products. That much I'm confident we agree upon. There are just too many reasons why it's important for you to make the switch...

      You need five $17 customers to make as much as one $97 customer. You obviously can make much more money per transaction at the higher price point. Reach your sales goals faster.

      A higher price point attracts more affiliates and joint venture partners. Very few people will promote a $17 product when they can promote a $97 product. Commissions are higher at the higher price point.

      Your website traffic becomes more valuable to you. You work hard to attract visitors to your site and now the same amount of traffic can produce up to 5X as much profit. Same traffic, different result.

      The same basic steps are completed whether you earn $17 per sale or $97 per sale. You're still gonna write, publish and sell content. You might as well earn more money from the same effort. Just sayin'.

      I could give you a lot more reasons, but I won't. You get it.
      SIDEBAR: Maybe you're thinking, "Jimmy, this is fantastic - how much money do you think I can make?" I have no idea. I won't even begin to speculate. I don't know you. I don't know your market. I don't know your subject matter. I don't know anything that would allow me to evaulate how many orders you'll produce or how much money you'll make - or won't make. Anyone who makes those kinds of claims is insane! What I will tell you is this: I will help you create a $97 product in 48 hours or less. Then, it's your job to get sales. Deal?

      Listen, whether you learn from me or from someone else, do you agree that you need some premium priced products in your information arsenal? Do you agree It's a great way to quickly escalate your business? Do you agree that you want to learn how to do this as quickly and easily and successfully as possible? Do you agree that The Premium Product System is exactly what you need to make this happen?
      Then, you're going to love what I tell you next!
      You can get The Premium Product System for just three easy payments of $97.00. That's right, you won't pay anywhere near the "over $1,000" that others sell their big-ticket "home study courses" for in order to learn this system. While I could package this up on DVDs, CDs and printed workbooks to jack up the price to $1,497-$1,997, I'm not going to do so. I'm keeping it all "digital" (download it all to your computer right now!) and reducing the price dramatically. In fact...
      Order Today and I Will Waive
      Two Of The Three Payments!
      You pay only a one-time fee of $97.00 for this course!

      I know that put a smile on your face. But I'm going to make this an even easier decision for you...

      I'm reluctant to call these "bonuses". I really don't see them as something "extra" to throw in at the end to push you over the edge.
      Instead, I see them as valuable accessories that enhance the training. These aren't just random things I've pulled out of left field to make this seem like a more attractive package. These are accessories that really do add value. See for yourself...

      Not only will you get the video as a downloadable file (that's right, I don't "force" you to watch it online!), you will also receive the presentation in a downloadable .mp3 audio file and a downloadable .pdf text file. That is, you'll receive a full, word-by-word, attractively formatted transcript of the entire package. Video, audio, and text. Learn however you choose!

      This isn't just "thrown in". It's an invaluable process tool. You definitely will want to print it out and follow along to stay on track. It will make things so much easier having it at your side as you quickly make your way through the system. I use checklists myself - all the time!

      You will not be "starting from zero" when it comes to your product. I've provided a fairly extensive product outline for you to use from the onset. Simply add information into the bracketed spots in the outline and plug in your ideas ... and you're ready to begin writing. Or, as I show you in the training, you're ready to begin answering questions!

      I am also providing you with the exact Powerpoint slides that I use in my own video presentation. In fact, I used them in creating The Premium Product System. These are polished, professional, slick-looking slides. They are yours to modify and use for your own videos. No need to create your own or hire someone to do it for you.

      Once you have finalized your video product, you will want to write a salesletter to sell it. This can actually be a daunting task. Writing a salesletter is not like writing content for your product. It's an art form. Don't worry! I'm including a ready-made, "fill-in-the-blanks" salesletter template for you to use! Simply add details into the bracketed spots and your salesletter will spring to life.

      You will also receive a .pdf of slide "handouts". This is merely what appears on the slide screen, along with lined space to the right of the page for you to take notes as you watch the presentation. Of course, you'll have the entire word-for-word transcript as well. But these handouts are great for taking your own notes, jotting down ideas, etc.

      One of the things that I will stress over and over in the training is the need for a polished and professional format and presentation. If people are going to spend $97 on a product, they want it to look good! I hired my graphics guy to create me a slick-looking fulfillment "download" page. I'm making the same template (minus my header) available to you. Here's what it looks like...
      There is no question that these "seal the deal". They truly enhance the training presentation and make most of the steps much, much easier by providing you the ready-made tools to complete them.
      But, honestly, as fantastic as those accessories are, they are not the best thing that awaits you when you order. I'm also including two kinds of coaching to help you make the absolute most of this training! Take a look...

      You read that correctly. I'm going to include two coaching elements with your order of The Premium Product System today.
      While the training is crystal clear, and I think your chances of needing help are hovering around the zero percentile, I'm going to make absolutely certain. Here's what you'll also receive...
      1. Group Coaching Q&A Session. What I have done is chosen ten of the most asked questions and I have answered them. I've compiled these questions and answers into a .pdf file that I'll be including in your order today.
      This is a VERY IMPORTANT .pdf. It's 25 pages long and is full of ideas and strategies for making even more money from your products. I could have very easily turned this into a "part 2" that would sell for ANOTHER $97, but I decided to include it at no extra charge. You can thank me later.
      2. Personal Coaching. I normally charge up to $497 for a week of email coaching. That includes five questions asked sent to me by email which I answer back by email.

      This opportunity to ask me questions about creating your own products is worth every bit as much as you'll pay for the entire package. This is real, one-on-one, personal coaching. You ask me a question and I answer it. There aren't too many other well known internet marketers who are offering this kind of ACCESS!

      Questions must be related to the training presentation (no "off topic" emails), used within 30 days, and reasonably answerable (i.e. Don't ask me "what are 25 things I should write about in section 3?"

      If you come back tomorrow and it's not here, please don't ask me to include it. If I start getting too many people asking questions, I'll have to shut this down. I will, of course, honor coaching for everyone who has already purchased.

      I'm sure by now you're convinced. But in case you aren't, let me spell it out for you...

      • If you aren't making as much money as you want, this product is for you!
      • If you are taking too long to create products to make money, this product is for you!
      • If you are already doing well online but want another stream of income, this product is for you!

      Disclaimer | Terms Of Service | Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Notice

      Best regards,

      P.S. Nothing down here. Just go order the product already. LOL.




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      Default Re: The Premium Product System -- How To Create Your Own $97 Products In 48 Hours Or Less!

      Thanks for this valuable resources!



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